Time for a new machine - design viz


Well, it’s time for me to actually build a new machine for myself and I would appreciate some insight as I’ve been out of the available hardware/tech channels for a while.

 I'll primarily be using almost all of the Autodesk Suites with emphasis on Revit and 3DS Max.  I'll be getting into rendering with Maxwell, VRay, and some GPU-focused renders in the future too.
 [b]My thoughts thus far:[/b]

[li]Socket 2011 (is there a new processor, post ivy bridge, that is coming out soon? If so, I may wait, if the wait is worth it)[/li][li]mobo that supports 3+ GPU’s (At least 2 but most already do)[/li][li]at least 32 gigs of ram[/li][li]PSU to provide quality power (1000+ Watts) [/li]

[li]HD’s: small SSD to use SRT tech from 2011 chipset and 2 - 7.2k, 1tb drives in RAID 0 for working files backed up to another 2+tb storage drive.[/li][li]GFX - GTX 660ti or better (like the 660ti - 3gb) [/li]

[li]case - rosewill thor[/li][li]CPU cooling - H100 water cooling kit[/li][/ul]I need input on the cpu/motherboard combo. I will be overclocking but would like to keep the total price to under $2k.

 Thoughts?  Thanks for your time guys!

!Prost! :beer:


GPU rendering is overrated. Don’t waste money trying to maximize for limited features of GPU rendering.

Unless you’re rendering massive images, I doubt you’ll need more than 24GB of RAM but you’ll want sets of 4 for quad-channel memory so 32GB is the next step up.


I hear you but I’m still interested in it. Do note that I don’t intend to spend a fortune experimenting with it. :wink:

I work in construction in the “BIM” world where we have huge models of entire building systems (plumbing, electrical, mechanical duct, mechanical pipe, low voltage, furniture, facade, structural steel, etc) in some models. My workstation laptop currently has 16gb of ram and I can max it out easily… 32gb would come in handy and for how relatively cheap ram is these days, I might as well buy an entire 32gb kit @ once.


You might want to consider dual socket workstations with more memory slots if you consider 24 GB to be borderline. :hmm:


looks like Intel will be having a conference next week… looks like they’ll be announcing something, but I wouldn’t expect anything significant for the next year to happen.


indeed olson ~ I’m flirting with the idea but if I go that route, I’d like to do SR-X and well, that blows my budget. Also, and correct me if I’m wrong, most GUI’s don’t use multiple cores so unless I’m rendering… they wouldn’t be used and at the current time, Intel doesn’t have overclockable Xeons on the market. This is one of the reasons I was planning on building a single socket workstation machine overclocked to the heavens :thumbsup:


I’ll wait with bated breath… thanks for the tip. True … with AMD so far behind the Intel leading performance curve, Intel surely isn’t going to push anything into a market they are already dominating and milking for every $ they can…



“Intel will release the Ivy Bridge-EP and -EN Xeon processors in the first half of 2013, or early Q3.”

That’s the next thing to be announced and it’s what I’m guessing the next Mac Pro is packing


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