TIME - Experience time travel


Hi all,

So let`s travel in time :smiley:
Here is my entry page for the most recent images.
C&C warmly welcome.

And below is the time travel vehicle. On the ring will spin the time distorsion modules.


beautiful silhouette :slight_smile:


Very interesting design so far.


dryulya, Spyndel - Thanks alot :slight_smile: Sorry for no progress, I was on vacation, back to the challenge verry soon !


looking good! Great shape for MeshFusion :wink:


JanJinda - Thanks :smiley:

Some progress today, front and rear view. Mesh fusion works fine even with all those mesh interconnections :smiley:
C&C warmly welcome :love:


The time travel vehicles shape is almost ready, I added a particle accelerator tubes around it. Now its time to think about details and textures…