Tim Drake - Robin, Chris Le (3D)


Title: Tim Drake - Robin
Name: Chris Le
Country: Australia
Software: Photoshop

This is TIm Drake as the third Robin.

I really enjoyed the movie Under the Red Hood and gained heaps of inspiration to make a robin ( I know the movie was about Jason Todd, but i prefer Tim’s outfit more). Batman has also kind of been done to death so I decided to make his sidekick robin.

Created in Maya, Photoshop and Zbrush


I must admit 2 things before I comment:

  1. I have never seen Under the Red Hood
  2. I have a real dislike for Batman & Robin (especially Robin).

Now that I have said that, this model looks outstanding. This model makes Robin seem more like a “dangerous” vigilante instead of some wimpy side kick, or cocky kid which many series have made him out to be.

Even though I do not like Robin at all, this model peeks my curiosty in him. Thank you for sharing this awesome model. (going to check out Under the Red Hood tonight)


Hey thanks !
it means alot to know that at least someone in the world is inspired by my work.


great render! i like the dark vibe, wich is usually a setting for batman and not likely for robin.
As critique i must say that the cloth/folds make the muscular structure look a bit off.
The characters left leg for instance has some weird lines, and also around the armpit area.
My two cents… :thumbsup:


Nice, he looks all grown up and dangerous. I will slap Riozaki tomorrow for not liking batman. lol


very nice!


Cheers thanks for the kind comments and critiques!


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