tiltrotor engine


I’m modeling a V-22 Osprey in 3ds max 4 but I’m hung up on the engines. I’ve been sub-d modeling with ‘meshsmooth’ for the majority of the model so far, but that methed doesn’t seem to be the best way to approach the odd shapes of the engine. I would appreciate advice on technique and methods and the like. I’m not quite as good at modeling yet as some of the people around here.

Here is a link to the screenshots and pictures of the aircraft.

And if your really feel like helping me out you can find a .max file of the engine WIP here.



Ok, so much for those links.

Go to Kturn if you would like see those files.

user: rustyeagle
pswd: storeage


PS: What’s a good free web host that works with the forum’s images? Or is there a better way to do that?


Here is the image so you don’t have to log into Kturn for it, just the max file. Sorry about the mess.


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