Tiger, Jian Xu (3D)


Title: Tiger
Name: Jian Xu
Country: China
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

Hi everyone!
this is my lastest work for practicing real hair. i have not used hairFX long time. it goes smoothly,and get just the effect I wanted.I think it is effective by using the hairFX .
it takes me almost one month to complete.
I use 3dsmax and photoshop.
hope you enjoying it!


I think it is good work


I have nothing to said…the fur just perfect man~! :buttrock:


Yeah… This is perfect. 5* from me.
Beautiful tiger.


Wow gorgeous! Please can we see some shaded views, wires and perhaps some info on your hair setup!?

Awesome image!


wow, superb work… contratulations man


Absolut Fur absolut render absolut real absolut ranking;):buttrock::thumbsup:


This is really impressive - the face is amazing! Exellent textures (the nose really looks real) and lighting!.. and of course the fur is excellent. Why doesn’t Autodesk get HairFX into Maya?

Can we see the hair setup?


Superb render n fur…

you can more work on hairs big around nose…
over all it is great…
can we see your hair setup???:thumbsup:


awesome work. *****


Yep i vouch for the fur tooo…god damn its very beautiful…nice work


Looks real! well done!!!


Have too agree with the comments above, there ain’t nothing to critique.

A stunning image, 5 stars.


Very nice! You did a great job with the fur and the texturing.


Amazing photo-real. Perfect. 5 Stars…


Amazing work.

Please Show us a wire and hair setup Its simply amazing

Thanks for share :thumbsup: and keep the god work



Simply impressive! Great attention to detail and phantastic lighting!
Absolutely amazing! 5*!


It is fantastic. It should be on the frontpage.
Can you please share a bigger render with us?

  • Terje


i am glad you enjoy the work.
there is hair setup. I use a lot of lines to close the real hair and looks,so when lines become to fur,they can control the style and length.it is necessary. then,I also use a lot of texture to control the length and density and curliness…plz see the image.


Thanks for the wires :bounce: its very usefull

Best whish to you.