Tidus - Game 3d, Sung-wha Jung (3D)


Title: Tidus - Game 3d
Name: Sung-wha Jung
Country: Korea (South)
Software: 3ds max

This is Tidus
Final Fantasy10 character

1024X1024 32bit(diffuse+alpha)texture
3DS MAX viewport capture image
3DS MAX & Photoshop


perfect ! ! !! 5 stars , front page ! ! !! i applause u !!


yea…excellent character modelin/texturing… 5 stars also…:thumbsup:


I usually dont just reply to a thread and say “its great!”, it dosent help anything, it just takes up room… but this is really good. i love it. I was just curious about his left arm (the elbow area)… Do you have mesh for the arm under the costume? or is it all texture… if its texture, could we see?


Holy crap! Outstanding work!
I dont really see the point of remaking a recent games model that was superbly done in the first place, but i actually think you have improved on the squaresoft model! His face looks more realistic and less girly. It looks a lot higher poly than it actually is too, thanks to the excellent texturing, but i think the cloth creases are a teeny bit too sharp, and his head seems a tiny bit small. It would also be really nice if you could put him in some intresting poses too.

Superb stuff either way - ive been a huge fan of your red cloud model - one of my fave games models ever!


Sick!! I know this is game art but I think this model could hold up for film its that well done 5 stars from me for sure. I’m also curious about how you handled that elbow area that is very impressive. nice work.


WOW!!! fantastic work, modell is quite simpel though but the texturing is awsome.
Did you do all the texturing by your self and what software did you use to paint it?

4stars from me

only crit i can give is the texturing the chest, it doesnt fit in somehow.


WOW!! would love to see the texture sheets! Superb work 5 stars from me!:slight_smile:


The hair is insane man. Sweeeeeet.


Your texture work is awsome! :scream: The mesh is very clean too! :thumbsup:


that is really nice modeling and really AWESOME texturing man nice one, i agree it knida does look better that the what squaresoft did (i didnt say that ok),
wold be really kl to see an animation of him!?


Must aggree there… quality work tho’ :thumbsup:

5/5 from me


Man! It´s perfect!! It is as good as the actual in-game character, if not better. Square-Enix should hire you.


I usually don’t hold much for recreations, but this has to be highly commended! :smiley:
The stuff on your site is incredible! :eek:




Extremely attractive game model ! Textuer also to drraw is extremely good! Asked what sofrwave you are complete the drawing with?Thanks!


Just perfect model and textures!


Totally front page worthy! :thumbsup:

Your portfolio is also killer.


Can’t find anything to crit, perfect modeling and mapping! 5 stars!


Your texture prowess is second to none, would love to see him deform with those alphas tho. especially the leg part :slight_smile: