THU2015 Golden Ticket Challenge: The Tribe - Support Thread


Hello and welcome to the THU2015 Golden Ticket Challenge Support Thread.

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I was told that if you win a CGsociety challenge you can not win the challenge after that one. So, I’ve won the CGSociety Challenge “ten” … can I win here again or is this no regular CGSociety challenge?


yakonusuke> In this Challenge you’re very welcome :slight_smile: No limitations. I look forward to seeing your entry!


Great, thanks for the reply, Zeoyn!


What is a THU tribe??


You should read through the FAQ first but I have pasted it below
" Q: What the hell is this THU Tribe I have to create?
A: The THU Tribe is the family that makes up the THU experience: the attendees (warriors), the volunteers (soldiers), the speakers (knights), the press (messengers), the Ambassador – everyone! Your job is to depict the THU Tribe in your own way, whether it’s imaginary, realistic, cartoon-like, alien-esque. Impress us! "
You have to represent the THU community in some way, past, present or future, their spirit or whatever you feel that communicates the life changing experience of attending the THU.

THU=Trojan Horse was a Unicorn


Hi there, Is it necessary to put the unicorn on the concept. I have seen most of the artist in the forum where using unicorn on their head in different forms. just curious is it kind of challenge rules that must be in the concept. Thanks


Hi I am just wondering whether I can enter the challenge with both 2D and 3D?


Hello there!
My question is:
Can I backroll my entry, so I can submit the same again under my new cgsociety account?
I’m shifting to new account because of new logo/website/brand appearance in general!
What are my options?
Can’t rename username to keep entry as it, because I’ve already created account and e-mail is being used by new… :banghead:
Thank you!


mahe4art> There is no obligation to put the unicorn on the theme.

lionconceptual> Yes, you can have multiple entries and yes, they can be either 2d or 3d or even a mixe technique.

deesign> No problem, just submit a new entry and submit again all your WIP milestones with your new account.


Hello! Can i post captures of the characters from my challenge scene in other groups of facebook per example? Thanks :slight_smile:


Hello! I’m surprised there is no forum posts for each entry or the possibility to comment, share, help other participants?


@Pelmazinger yes, you can share your entries.

@Smirtouille You are welcome to create a thread (either in this forum or the WIP forum). but for this challenge most of the action is happening over on the Facebook group.



Hello there. Do you accept 2d traditional works, scanned and eventually edited in photoshop ? :slight_smile:


Hi! I would very much like to participate and throw my work and process out there. But personally, I’m a bit cautious and hesitant about using Facebook as a forum and platform for uploading work, due to privacy and how they handle the content you upload.
From what I understand, it seems like WIP/Process-sharing is taken into account by the judges, which I have no problems with. I just wondered if I’m at a “disadvantage” for not wanting to use Facebook, or if it’s enough to post WIPs and your process here on CGS and in the contest page.
Would be nice to have that confirmed :slight_smile: Would much rather have a forum thread here and share progress more frequently.


You can post your work in progress images on CGSociety. It is not mandatory to post on Facebook, but you will be missing a part of the sharing and comments by not posting there. Judges will look through all the entries and you won’t have a disadvantage there. However, the public vote will take place on Facebook and it weighs 1/5th of the votes. By not posting there you run the risk of not being noticed.


Hello. I would just like to ask about the resolution of the image to be posted on the challenge page. It says in the FAQ that the finalists will be asked to mail the full print resolution image to a certain email address. Does this mean that the final image that we will submit to the challenge page can be at a lower resolution and that only the finalists will be contacted at a later date for the full resolution? I’m just feeling a little iffy about posting the full 4k image on the challenge page. Thank you.


julSan> yes, you can post a lower resolution as your final entry. However, make sure that the resolution is big enough for the Jury to appreciate your work. The finalists will be asked later to submit their full resolution images.



I need help. I can´t upload my Final Image for the contest. Is there a limit image size? should I upload a small image or is it posible to send the JPEG 24,8MB Final Image?




Hi everyone,
There is a known problem with the deadline hour of the challenge on CGS Society. The time terminated a few hours before the time established in the rules.
Since CGS is in Australia, we can not fix the problem right away. In order not to harm anyone, the deadline will be extended for 24 hours. Do not panic if you can not submit the final image during the next hours.
If you have already submitted your final image, you can take advantage of the extra time to fix or fine tune your images and resend.
We are really sorry about this!