Thrust Challenge - Myrmidon Fighter (3D) - Landon L., ephalanx (3D)


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Title: Thrust Challenge - Myrmidon Fighter (3D) - Landon L.

Name: ephalanx

Software: Maya Keyshot

Submitted: 20th July 2016

Here is my entry for the Thrust Challenge - Best Fighter Ship Category

The Myrmidon RT-880 Fighter - Corset Variant

Some info as follows…

"Developed and flown by the Forth Divide, the Myrmidon is not only a staple of their robust military, but represents the flamboyant style and technical prowess of their nation. Wing mounted VT8 Trident Repeaters and dual nose mounted Harrow Ballistic Cannons allow the Myrmidon to stay in the fight with the most capable pilots/fighter tandems and hold its own.

Rounding out the arsenal, it can mount two C-Class torpedoes to deal lethal blows those just above it’s weight class. Additionally while its offense is best in class, its maneuverability is also rated high on the space fighter combat index, with few fighters coming in above it.

Yet, the Myrmidon does lack ease of use and also is expensive to own and maintain. It also suffers from a lack of armor hard-points and can be a bear when it comes to power requirements."

Inspiration from various starships and planes. Notably sci-fi movies, current day jets, along with computer games (Star Citizen, Mass Effect, Elite, etc.)

At this point I am still working on materials (Grrrr) and getting the color scheme down and I am still determining the best colors for the flag. Also working on landing gear. Thank goodness for the extra time on this contest. However I’m posting something tonight just so folks can see the progress. Not the best renders yet for presentation, but its coming along. Hopefully you like the design. :wink:

I will post on CGSociety for the moment. The other website is a bit finicky at this point.


Note: Added some additional renders with the wings up in folded mode. I do plan to have some of the mechanics showing with this. Still adding that detail in.


Myrmidon Fighter WIP

Myrmidon WIP 2

Initial Myrmidon Concept

Flag Concepts


I like your design. Very cool and intimidating. nice flags too.


Thanks Giles! I wanted to ensure it had a fair amount of aggressiveness to it. Now to ensure I get the best renders and concept shots I can along with some landing gear. A lot of tough competition out there.


Nice work EP! : )


Thanks SciFibrow!

Some additional renders with the wings up in landed (folded) mode. I do plan to have some of the mechanics showing with this. Still adding that detail in.




Some additional work on the landing gear.

Landing Gear


A few more composition tests.


Landed Mode

Landed Mode


Quick composition for the action shot. low rez.

Test Action Shot


Final Action Shot -

Thread the Needle

Myrmidon 3

Myrmidon 2

Myrmidon 1


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Star-Tiger Variant

Star Tiger

Star Tiger

[B]Star Tiger/B]

Star Tiger