Thrust Challenge: Mothership 01, Simon Fetscher (2D)





WIP 02

WIP 03

Title: Thrust Challenge: Mothership 01

Name: Simon Fetscher

Country: Sweden

Software: 3D-Coat Photoshop

Submitted: 17th June 2016

This is my submission for the Thrust Challenge: Mothership!
(Can’t log in to the other forum so can only submit my stuff here, hope that is alright!)



I’m Enzo. I’m one of the judges on the “Technically Correct” category. I’m just dropping by to say that your design looks great!

A lot of realistic near-future spaceships are very linear in design with large symmetric “wings” to radiate heat away from the constant thrust ion engines. The reason for this is orbital mechanics and space propulsion. Thrust needs to go through a craft’s center of mass, otherwise you create moments, or in simple terms, forces that will cause the craft to turn in a direction you probably dont want to go and spaceflight isn’t at all like air flight; there is no air for control surfaces to manipulate


and it look awesome!


Hey Enzo,

Thanks for the comment, really interesting! I’ve put the engines muzzles in the middle of the ship, but do they maybe have to be in the end of the ship? Also, would the front cargo compartments maybe be better if they were built like a tree pointed star like the antimatter reactors? To counterbalance, or does this not matter?

Thanks! Wish I had had more time to work on this!


Very nice, are those planets real or are created somehow?


Well done, the first picture is gorgeous!


Hey, the first one I created myself from scratch, the second is a mix between Jupiter and Neptune!


Great render man!