Thrust Challenge - final entry - Star Fighter , Carsten Stueben (3D), Carsten Stueben (3D)


Title: Thrust Challenge - final entry - Star Fighter , Carsten Stueben (3D)

Name: Carsten Stueben

Country: Germany

Submitted: 16th July 2016

Hi there

I decided to edit this “old” post from the last deadline to add the new images, thoughts and the additional work I have done in the extra time we got for this.

So… here we go:

This is Mantis42.
It’s a one-man star fighter armed with 2x3 spinning blaster canons, rockets, torpedoes and two heavy railguns.
All the heart needs. <3
To be honest it´s rather a sci-fi design piece than a technical and rational study. But I´ve tried my best to handle both worlds.
In atmosphere it has the ability to vertically lift off and thirteen navigation thrusters give it the necessary 3-axis control in space.
The railguns are covered by two protection shells. I imagine they contain some kind of shield-system (and ok… I think they look cool as well). This is an exchangeable part to give the ship more flexibility.
Another thing I want to explain: The GR373L-Bomb is my version of a sci-fi molotov cocktail. I imagine it contains some kind of really bad chemical to do some really awful things at really big targets.
You get some further info a few pics below.

This project was big fun for me and I hope the results mirror this. Thanks for watching!


Here you can find the WIP:




Looks great! Modelling, texturing and renders are top notch.


Mind Blowing! :bowdown:


That’s actually awesome, and look functional , great job :bowdown:


look fine, good work!


This is lovely.


Great! Good work :).


What program / settings did you use for your renderings? I am really liking the outcome .


Hey. Thanks a lot for your feedback! Sorry for replying late. I’m on vacation. It’s all rendered with corona render with default settings. Cheers. :slight_smile:


Great work, awesome texture and modeling quality, plus renders too. I didn’t know Corona was this great. I’m using Vray. Where did you model it and which textures did you use ? (I mean did you use Substance Painter or any texture plugin ?) Thanks in advance, keep up the good work.


The BB


Thanks, this is really nice.
The whole ship and its weapons were modeled in Zbrush and textured in Substance Painter.


Thank you and you’re very welcome friend :slight_smile:


Very slick, renders look great.


Hi! :slight_smile: Just in time…

You might wanna take a second look at my update.
I´ve added a cockpit and some new scenery.

Cheers and good luck!


great update! :slight_smile:
modeling, texturing, shading, rendering…I love it! :slight_smile:


Looks awesome! Love the choice for final image, but also love all the close ups of cockpit etc :slight_smile: Good luck in the contest!


Kinda weird that although I didn’t really like the shape of it, this is still my favorite fighter submission. The little details on the weapons are on point!


Great work!

How long did it take to model the ship?