Thrust Challenge. Fighter ship. Robby Donaghey., Robby Donaghey (3D)


Title: Thrust Challenge. Fighter ship. Robby Donaghey.

Name: Robby Donaghey

Software: 3ds max Photoshop

Submitted: 11th July 2016

The concept is to have a fighter ship that is composed of a cluster of intelligent engine droids that I call " Thruster Droids "
This is what the ship looks like as it is entering a fight, as the “Thruster Droids” begin firing they move away from the main ship in order to make them much more difficult to hit.



Here is a turntable animation


I wanted to add some refinements so I did a little R&D





Here is a Fly By Animation


Thruster Droid Fighter Ship at Full Thrust