Thrust Challenge - fighter ship entry, Jim Tan (3D)


Title: Thrust Challenge - fighter ship entry

Name: Jim Tan

Country: Singapore

Software: Zbrush Blender Photoshop Xnormal Quixel

Submitted: 20th July 2016

Set in the sci-fi universe of the Zeon Alliance, the CR-ML1824 Lance is a high speed, ultra long range, covert deep space fighter with four antimatter drives. The Lance is a maneed, deep space infiltration and disruption attack craft. Offensive countermeasures consists of one ultra long range railgun for long distance sniping and twenty four LD-416 Locust drones. It is also equipped with long range sensors and radar systems for threat detection. The Lance relies on evasion and stealth as a defensive countermeasure, utilizing eighteen minovsky particle emitters to fulfil operational requirements.



5 images for submission, including original post (as per Challenge rules)

Reference sheet


Uploaded project is currently classified as WIP, still awaiting official announcement from organizers/Travis about deadline extension and details. If time permits, I will go for an animated rig and turntable.

Hope it helps, cheers ! :slight_smile:

edit: turntable added. :slight_smile:


Hey this looks really cool. Congrats to your work. :thumbsup:


Thank you ! So many good work all round, good luck to you too, cheers ! :slight_smile: