Thrust Challenge: Best Science Ship : The Alenia Aerospace Albaross Class Exploration vessel, Stef (3D)


Title: Thrust Challenge: Best Science Ship : The Alenia Aerospace Albaross Class Exploration vessel

Name: Stefano

Country: Italy

Software: 3ds max Photoshop

Submitted: 5th August 2016

The Alenia Aerospace Albaross Class Exploration vessel

The Alenia is an Italian space company of the future, stemmed directly from the old Alenia Thales .
Focusing on developing private spacefaring vehicles.
Description: The Spacebird Albatross class Exploration Sience Vessel is one of the finest quality Space faring human ships.
Type : spacebird ( a spaceship with transatmospheric and interstellar abilities ).
Official Name : Single stage to orbit trans atmospheric and interstellar vessel Spacebird Albatross SSTO-TAV-IS-SBX01 Albatross
Focus ( Exploration )
Other variants include :
Dropship: Vulture Class SSTO-TAV-IS-SBX02
Focus ( military )
Cargo : Pelican Class SSTO-TAV-IS-SBX03
Focus ( Transport )
Liner : Cormoran Class SSTO-TAV-IS-SBX04
Focus ( Passenger)
Dropship : Eagle Class

The Spacebird is a special type of vehicles firstly developed as a deep space explorer with the Albatross class , it features a Delta wing shape as it was thought for optimal flight on different atmospheres of alien worlds.
Its profile is also providing an extreme Stealth and low signal emission that allow long survey sessions while observing alien planet world surfaces.

The spaceship is so able to withstand long duration travels and is able to refuel autonomously by collecting fuel from altostratus of gas giants with its large frontal intakes and even processing it with a mini refiner station inside of it.
On Gas giants Its able to fly at almoust at no fuel cost and its extremely silent also due to retractable Vtol Quantum rotors mounted on the bottom part of its hull.
The spaceship is also modular in terms that its whole main cockpit can be switched with other variations as well as his lower back profile can be switched with different modules according to possible different uses.

Main Devices and features :

Radial long range antemna turret on top
Bottom Deep scansion Radar
Frontal Directional antemna and telescope
Rear Drone probe launchers
Rear hosted two mini Eva pod vessels for exploring and repair sessions.
four main Thrusters
two side Sublight thrusters
Two frontal intakes for collecting and refining Hydrogen fuel
24 mini manouvering thrusters RCS system
Interior bay for land vehicle deployment
four Vtol quantum engine rotors for landing and suspension flight
8 escape pods for one person each
six fuel tanks located on inner wing parts withrelative separate access.

Unfortunately I couln’t use the textures I took a month to make from uvmapping to texturing, because my PC kept crashing on me and I didn’t do in time to make the decent renders, :frowning: and this forced me to the corner to take out something fast before the conclusion … so sorry for the quality of the images …

That its my very first time making a high poly subject.

Here the Other images

and the wips .


Looks great ! the shape came out really nice.


Thanks , I tried to add the other images but they did not update themain post and not appear …