Throwing the towel over the easy chair with displacement applied to it


Hi chaps. Say I need to create an easy chair with the quilted surface by applying the VrayDisplacementMod to it. I need to throw the towel or blanket over it so that it looked casually. I do it with cloth modifier simulation or the massfx simulation, right? But since the displacement is being accomplished after the cloth simulation(viz in process of rendering), this piece of cloth appears drowned in the easy chair material.
Now, there is of course the Displace Mesh modifier which creates a real geometry in viewport from the displacement map but the problem is that, as far as I know, it can’t be used with the VrayDisplacementMod. It requires the displacement being applied in the material displacement map slot, which divests me of the possibility to check the “keep continuity” button available only in the VrayDisplacementMod.
Could you please advise me how to solve this problem?
Thank you very much for your help.


I’m interested in seeing the quilt pattern. I can’t quite see a quilt pattern that is so protruded that it would produce visible patterns when a blanket is thrown over it…I mean how uncomfortable would this easy chair be ?


Well, maybe it’s a wrong term, but I mean those indentures with small caps inside, you know, like on this photo

I mean I can possibly raise it a tad and it would look alright from the average distance, still in the close view, I guess the gap would be noticeable.
I’ve solved this problem as of yet by using the triplanar map for the displacement map slot in the material and using the displace mesh with the given material, backing it afterwards with the snapshot which is situated in tools and simulating the blanket and the mesh, received as a result of the snapshotting, with massfx, deleting this mesh afterwards. What do you think about that? Isn’t it a bit too intricate?


There is “Shift” option in Vraydisplacement
If working with (default) texmap min (0) and max(1), setting negative shift same as (positive) amount should keep displacement in existing boundaries.
E.g. Amount 5 cm
Shift -5 cm


Aye, I thought about that either, probably it’s gonna work, I’ll definitely try it. But it would be applicable only in this particular case. What if the displacement is much more explicit, say some over protruding wood pattern? The problem would be that the blanket would fall on it like on the smooth even plank, while in fact it should sag in places where the displacement would not create protrusions, though this even plank would be in one level with the most eminent protrusions.
Thank you for the recommendation nevertheless, I’m sure in most cases it would suffice.