Threewave Software Recruiting! (Tools Programmer)


Tools Programmer

Threewave Software is looking for an exceptional and proactive Tools Programmer to join our programming team. The candidate must have at least 3 years experience in programming professional business applications, or game tools, and a strong understanding of user interfaces and how they impact the workflow. The ideal candidate will have a love for improving the productivity of his co-workers. This person will report to the Programming Lead and will work closely with them to improve and enhance the gaming tools.

Core Responsibilities:

[li]Takes ownership and enhances an existing Tools Pipeline for a next-generation title.
[/li][li]Work closely with the Programming Lead and Art and Design Teams to improve the production tools.

Education & Experience:

[li]A Bachelors degree in Computing Science, Mathematics, Software Engineering, etc
or the equivalent in experience in tools and applications programming.
[/li][li]Several years C/C++ experience.
[/li][/ul] Required:

[li]Excellent writing and communication skills.
[/li][li]Experience writing tool applications widely used internally or externally.
[/li][li]Experience developing command-line or GUI Windows applications.
[/li][li]A passion for gaming, graphical user interfaces &/or scripting!
[/li][/ul] Preferences:

[li]One or more shipped titles as a tools programmer considered an asset.
[/li][li]2+ years of game development experience considered an asset.
[/li][li]Experience with MS Visual Studio and the .NET framework.
[/li][li]Experience with C# considered a strong asset.
[/li][li]Experience with Perl, Python or Lua, considered a strong asset.
[/li][li]Experience with the Win32 API or MFC considered an asset.
[/li][li]Experience with 3rd party 3D Modeling APIs such has Max SDK, MaxScript, Mel Script, Maya SDK.
[/li][li]Insight into the content creation pipeline of a game engine.
[/li][li]Experience using Perforce considered an asset.
[/li][li]Leadership skills considered an asset.
[/li][/ul] Duties:

[li]Assist in the planning of the production schedule for your programming tasks.
[/li][li]Be able to take responsibility for programming features; gathering and writing technical specification and implementing them with high quality standards.
[/li][li]As a member of a team, you must be able to both give and receive feedback on code implementation. Ensure work is executed at the highest quality possible across the team.
[/li][li]Maintain a wide variety of Windows applications used by all members of the development team.
[/li][li]Clearly communicate your progress to your supervisor, and work with them to achieve a highly efficient content creation pipeline.
[/li][/ul] Availability: Immediately

Position Status: Full Time, extensive benefits package and stock options.

Application Requirements:


[li]Cover letter stating your availability and applicable experience.
[/li][li]Current Resume stating the list of credits, titles and platforms.
[/li][/ul] Demos Considered an Asset:

[li]A windows program and source code showcasing your skills in one or more of these areas would be a definite asset to your submission.
[/li][li]Documentation of the source code and explanation of the use of any 3rd party materials such has but not limited to algorithms, libraries, content.
[/li][li]The demo can be an email attachment, mailed CD, or a link to a website.


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