Threewave Software Recruiting! (Network Programmer)


Network Programmer

Threewave Software is looking for an exceptional and proactive Network Programmer to join our programming team. The candidate must have at least 3 years experience in programming and professional network applications. A love of communication and an understanding of how computers talk together are essential traits for this position. This person will report to the Programming Lead and will work closely with them to implement the network SDK in the existing engine.

Core Responsibilities:

[li]Work within an existing architecture to implement a 3rd party network SDK.
[/li][li]Take ownership of network security, multiplayer lobby, downloadable content, voice chat and TCR/TRC requirements on Xbox Live, PS3 and PC.
[/li][li]Work closely with the Programming Lead and Level Designers to enhance multiplayer immersion.

Education & Experience:

[li]A Bachelors degree in Computing Science, Software Engineering, Electrical Engineering, etc
or the equivalent in experience in real-world network application programming.
[/li][li]Several years C/C++ experience.
[/li][/ul] Required:

[li]Excellent writing and communication skills.
[/li][li]Experience with networking techniques such as NAT traversal, etc

[/li][li]A working understanding of game networking technologies
[/li][li]A passion for programming and gaming!
[/li][/ul] Preferences:

[li]One or more shipped titles as a network programmer considered an asset.
[/li][li]2+ years of game development experience considered an asset.
[/li][li]Experience with MS Visual Studio.
[/li][li]Experience with 3rd party physics APIs such has Xbox Live or Demonware considered a strong asset.
[/li][li]Experience using Perforce considered an asset.
[/li][li]Experience working with Unix sockets and/or Winsock is an asset.
[/li][li]Strong mathematical skillset.
[/li][li]Leadership skills considered an asset.
[/li][/ul] Duties:

[li]Assist in the planning of the production schedule for your programming tasks.
[/li][li]Be able to take responsibility for programming features; gathering and writing technical specification and implementing them with high quality standards.
[/li][li]As a member of a team, you must be able to both give and receive feedback on code implementation. Ensure work is executed at the highest quality possible across the team and clearly communicate your progress to your supervisor.
[/li][/ul] Availability: January 2007

Position Status: Full Time, extensive benefits package and stock options.

Application Requirements:


[li]Cover letter stating your availability and applicable experience.
[/li][li]Current Resume stating the list of credits, titles and platforms.
[/li][/ul] Demo:

[li]A windows program and source code showcasing your skills in one or more of these areas would be a definite asset to your submission.
[/li][li]Documentation of the source code and explanation of the use of any 3rd party materials such as but not limited to algorithms, libraries, content.
[/li][li]The demo can be an email attachment, mailed CD, or a link to a website.

Please apply to the attention of Kathy Gibson, Director of Human Resources via Special thanks to all applicants for their interest. Due to the volume of applicants, no phone calls please.


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