"Three Musketeers" screenshots


Courtesy Animated News:



see?! look at how much better these characters work in 2d!!!


This is direct to video right?


>ee?! look at how much better these characters work in 2d!!!

there have been a number of projects undertaken by Feature Animation (and TSL) with 3D versions of the old characters that work very well in 3D (Mickey’s Philarmagic, Magic Lamp, Tinkerbell…). the problem is not the medium - it’s the art direction and cheapo outsourcing.


I wonder what took this so long to come out. I know someone that was working on it 3 years ago.



Mickey and Minnie are mice and Donald and Daisy are ducks.

So why does Goofy, who is clearly a dog, get paired off with a cow?

It’s good to see Disney still putting classical animation, even if it is direct to video. What’s up with the heavily airbrushed look? The shading looks so forced. Compare it to subtle shading like in ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit’ or ‘Lilo and Stitch’.


I’ve seen this happen to many a friend of mine. :slight_smile:

Dim lights, strong drink.


Though its good to see Disney still attempting to make cartoons, how many times can The Three Musketeers be done?!?!??!?


The first 3 and the last image image appear to be screen grabs. The other ones look like paint-overs.


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