Three Blind Mice - coming very soon


hi, people from this planet
I just being adjusting my toon shaders and I really not sure if this type of medium is suitable for the type of animation i want to do.
This is an High-res poly model from one of the characters in the short film i’m producing for my (degree) final project.
I’m using blend-shapes for full facial expressions and lower jaw movement and jiggles for the flabies(Fat). please can you give me a critique “feedback” in the overall look for this project…?


Not sure what to say really. Are you wanting a cel shaded look?? if so then that does not look like one. You probably need to know what direction you are heading in first I guess :slight_smile:

Decent looking model though, how does the robotic legs fit into the story??




Thanks for that, I know it looks odd.

I tried to create something different, with a Dark adaptation of the children’s nursery rhyme, this mice are three of many more witch the farmer’s wife modified them into something you as a spectator are not sure if is really a mouse, they will be animated with all mouse characteristics, but with a cocktail DNA combination from something else “I personally call them Bastards”. I still modelling the props, (such a helmet) witch also is the cause for the deformations.

And to be honest, I just want to finish my degree (in less than 3 months), and my area is traditional animation ( I worked in Neuroplanet Portugal, as a assistant Animator), and my modelling skills is quite rubbish, I can not ask any one else to do it for me as I’m character animator not modeller and a Texture person.

Here’s some of my concept design for this project, and I always appreciate any comments and critiques and I’ll do radical changes after Finish the degree.


Love the concept artwork. Sounds like an interesting take on the story. I don’t really know the story you are trying to tell but i think that the first concept sketch looks cool.

Good luck with the little barstards!! :wink:



Hi, again

I’ve been testing the textures to my character(s), using only Ramp-shaders in maya, still trying to get the best of it. I also have only a spot light for the scene.
Have a look, and give me feedback and i’ll apreciate it. Well I need it:thumbsup:


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