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First question: Are you God?


First question: Are you God?

No. However, I do accept presents. Cash only, please. :smiley:




I’ll stop derailing the thread now. :smiley:




Stop monopolizing my time! :scream:

Totally kidding you Teckie. :beer:


[QUOTE]First question: Are you God?

No. However, I do accept presents. Cash only, please. :D[/QUOTE]


I do have a question…

Nebezial recommends the use of a certain blender tool in photoshop which I can’t make use of as I don’t have PS.

I will have Painter shortly, though, so if there is a Painter/PS user could anyone tell me wether at all and if so how this tool of Nebezial can be ported to Painter?


Mr. Mu,

I would suggest asking our resident Painter expert, SpiritDreamer. Perhaps he will drop by this thread. :slight_smile:


Painter has numerous blending tools at the user’s disposal. The damned app still boggles my mind with the plethora of brush settings available, but I believe a good substitute for the PS smudge tool would be one of the paintbrushes with the resaturation setting turned down to 0%. Lunatique would also be a good person to ask about Painter blending.


Good call, Teck, thanks! I still say you should start a Teck Support thread ~ being the Teck Tech guru that you are. :wink:

Remember, Teck Notes! You heard it first here, people! :bounce:



thanks for the answers.

I think I meant something different, but I am not sure. Nebezial talks about a ilquify tool he used to morph basic forms into other forms like in this post

So, resaturation=0 and bleed>0 would do that, too? Or would you need additional settings for this to work in Painter, too?


Lol. You and your corny “puns” :scream:

Oh, I don’t know how I forgot about pixlArt (John Derry) and Jinny (Jin Brown). If anyone knows anything about anything in Painter, it would be one of them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ah, Liquify is one of the filters in PS. It essentially sticks your image/selection onto a dense grid, to allow you to push and pull bits and pieces around (basically distorting the thing). I don’t recall Painter having anything like that, but I’m quite the newbie at the app. Just took a look through the list of effects, though, and it doesn’t look like there’s a Liquify equivalent.


HI … MR MU…:wavey:
I don’t know anything about PHOTO SHOP…never used it…everything I need is in PAINTER,
and then some.
When you get your PAINTER PROGRAM,…let me know, and I will be glad to SHARE everything
I know about LIQUID LENS, and LIQUID METAL with you. …PURE MAGIC…:bounce:

BUT !! … whatever you do, …be sure not to let Rebecca know that I was the one who taught
you how to use them. LMAO !!:scream: YOU KNOW HOW SHE FEELS ABOUT …FILTERS,:banghead:
or do you.:slight_smile:

Sorry Rebecca…I am weak,…LOL !! and I just could not resist the temtation of that one…:slight_smile:



I know about LIQUID LENS, and LIQUID METAL with you. …PURE MAGIC…:bounce:

hehe… again your inspiring enthusiasm!

BUT !! … whatever you do, …be sure not to let Rebecca know that I was the one who taught
you how to use them. LMAO !!:scream: YOU KNOW HOW SHE FEELS ABOUT …FILTERS,:banghead:
or do you.:slight_smile:

shhh! I have a feeling she is around here somewhere…



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SaraD posted this to the OFDW 012 thread, and I wondered if anyone had any advice / suggestions?

My “masterpiece” is gone :cry::cry:
A major crash in Painter and both the Master Copy and the childface I was working on is now “bad RIF” and can´t be opened… I will not find the energy to start all over again, I´m just happy I had the time to learn so much on painting backgrounds. Too bad I never got round to the main figures of the painting.
Painter is recoverd, but all customized brushes are gone, and I´m mad as hell. :banghead::banghead::scream:

Does anyone have any idea how to recover the files? Is there some hope? Please?

A sad

Any useful advice appreciated!

Cheers, :slight_smile:




this is from Jessica - (Mrs Spirit Dreamer)

Did you have to reinstall the Painter after the crash or did it recover on its own?

What message do you get when you try to open your RIF files?

If you go into windows explorer and into programs and then into painter and brushes, look in the folders for the type of brush (for examples acrylic, or oil, or watercolor) you had saved and see if there is a file with the name you used to save the brush. If “yes” then you can get your saved brushes back. You can also do a “search” and search for the name of the saved brush to find the file.

RIF files can be difficult because they are particular to Painter…that is why Glenn always saves his Painter stuff back into a BMP that can be opened with any old program if necessary (- he ends up with a million versions of each). Of course when you save to BMP the wet paint dries and the layers are gone…

Let us know how things are going

Jessica and Glenn


Thanks you guys! :slight_smile: I pm’d SaraD to let her know you guys had responded here. :wavey: I’m sure SaraD will much appreciate the help! :thumbsup:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



Regarding disks crashing, Arctis kindly posted this in response to SaraD’s unhappy experience:

Tips&trick : Protection Against Crash Disk

Cheers, :slight_smile: