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test the sig


This is a test post reply.


This is a test for email notification.


i waited for so long now, what is wrong


Hello, this is my test email. I’m new here, and still learning all of CGTalk’s features… (by learning, I mean trying to understand why my “+New Project” keeps posting in the Showcase forum; I’ll figure it out, eventually)


Test Signature :bounce:



I am the Haven Fund Facillitator over at the TDT.Org, Stephen King fansite and I am trying to contact, Mr. Darrel Anderson on behalf of the charity. Each year we run a fundraiser for the HF and many, King Illustrators contribute art to books that we then auction for the benefit of the HF. I was hoping to add Mr. Anderson to a list of artists which includes, Mark Stutzman, Glenn Chadbourne, Ned Dameron, Micheal Whelan, Don Maitz, Jill Bauman, Erin Wells, Les Edwards, Alan Clarke, Mark Edward Geyer, Alex McVey and many others.

I do not want to break any rules, but would like to know the best way to contact the man directly and see if he may be interested in contributing with his fellow artists to a very worthy cause.

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated!!!


signature test

Hmmm, can anyone teach a computer dummy like me how to make my signature into an automatic link and not a cut / paste link?


Testing again 3 4 5…