Thread deleted?


I received a notification this morning that someone had responded to a thread of mine. When I got home I tried to go to that thread and it no longer exists. Having been a member for about 10 years now and never having had this happen before, I’m confused.

Is their an admin that could help me figure out what happened?



Been several days now. Is there a better place to contact the moderators through?



It was removed because we don’t allow Kickstarter threads on the site, although you are welcome to place a link to it in your signature. Apologies for the delayed response to your query, somehow I didn’t see it earlier.


Thanks ,Leigh. This has been my first real issue in a decade so that’s a pretty good track record. Couple of things for your consideration:

[li] I had searched before posting it initially and found several threads that existed so didn’t think it was a problem. Even now, a ‘kickstarter’ search finds several that are still alive and well.
[/li][li] Might I suggest a moderator send someone an email when a thread is closed for violating a rule?
[/li][li] Also making that more clear in a sticky in the news section or general discussion would be great. Having made an actual effort to check and having a thread deleted weeks later with no idea why is frustrating.

Thanks for the great site.


The sticky thread in General Discussions does mention Kickstarter threads. If there are other threads currently active with Kickstarter links, it’s simply because a moderator hasn’t seen it. With hundreds of threads active of the site daily, it’s nigh on impossible for the moderators to keep track of all of them, which is why we have a report function alongside all posts, so the community can help us track down problems.

It’s not really possible to message people every time a thread is moved or closed. It’s up to everyone to familiarise themselves with the rules of the forum and ensure that their posts are appropriate.


Incidentally, I just did a search for Kickstarter on the site and only found one link, buried in another thread that had been posted a few days ago.


Thank you for your time, Leigh. I don’t know how I missed that in the gen discussion sticky but obviously did. On the search, I still count several but maybe some that I’m seeing cgtalk sees as a different allowed use. Personally I was psyched to discover the wing commander reboot project on here and backed it.

Regardless, thank you for your time.


Which threads are you seeing? The only one I see is a discussion about a controversy related to Blur’s Kickstarter campaign, but it contains no actual links to the campaign. If I’ve somehow overlooked any others, I’d appreciate some links!


Sorry Leigh, would have posted them in my last but traveling and only have iPhone so collecting thread links isn’t easy. Just searching the forum for “kickstarter” and lookin through them

Edit-Also, not just in general discussion. My thread was in news originally.


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