Thoughts on Modelling in c4d


Played a bit with Polygon tool using Perpendicular snapping and workplane snapping. Also layed strips along splines w/Spline Snapping.

Me like.


I don’t quite use L myself. I myself set it to “q”, since I use it so much I can use it with the left hand far easier (I also had set a bulk of shortcuts in that area). I prefer geographic location strategy like that of ctrl+c ctrl+v instead of a shortcut tied to the tool itself since it can make my shortcuts scattered all over the place.


Yes. I get why you’d change it to ‘q’ . Premium keystroke real estate is anything within a hand span from that left alt key.


Tonight learned about the powerful, “Align Workplane to Selection” Command.

Take any selected plane and make it function like the world axis. Works great in combo w/snapping.


Indeed it is amazing, I use it all the time now, I have “W” set and “alt+W” to revert it back, it means I don’t need axis center as much as I needed before for cutting!


Deep into the MILG series Toby shares a technique for creating the ever-daunting spiral screw thread…and he completes the whole process in about 7 minutes. It’s breath-taking to see someone who so clearly sees a problem, so methodically grinds that problem to powder, and leaves a result that is simply…beautiful.


Did you know that you can use one scene-wide Subdivision setting, but use a different setting on a object or even within a selection?

So if you have a hero object you can really crank it up in very targeted fashion.

I didn’t know.

Check out the settings in the SDS weight tag.


I was previously disappointed w/weighting as I didn’t understand the depth of the possible operations.

“.” drag
“.” drag + shift
“.” drag + control

Furthermore, things behave quite differently depending on what component mode is active.

And there are important related settings both in the auto-generated SSD weight tag and also in the live selection tool.


Super Tutorial:


Seems like the perfect solution. He goes on to say you just repeat the same procedure on the bottom. Well the bottom doesn’t line up quite as nice as the top does. Wish he would of shown how he handled that.