Those 5 plugins you'd never live without!


I’ll play!

  1. RedShift
  2. X-Particles
  3. SteadyCamPro (rip… sniff…)
  4. DEM Earth
  5. AEC4D

This list could change tomorrow :wink:


magic solo
flush select (select coplanar polygons)
align vector tool
smart outline but CV chamfer and CV outline can do the same now


Magic solo
X particles
Cineversity Toolbox (CV smart export and CV import, CV C4D to UE…)
DEM earth

I would love to add a UV (UV Vonc or Seamilar) or Painting plugin (Paint4D) but I’ve never really used them as I rely on third party solution or quick hacks in bodypaint.

Same goes for mocap and animation retargeting… The offer is lacking in that department.


HB Modeling Bundle
Nitro Solo
CV Toolbox stuff
GSG HDRI Studio Rig

For those looking for an AVT replacement - HB Modeling tools has a very similar function. You simply select the edges you want to align and click a button and it aligns all of those edges in to a straight line between the end vertexes of the outer 2 edges. It also has handy cloning tools (though polys only) and about 90 other tools that once you use them you’ll wonder how you lived without them


Thank you very much for your valuable contribution to the discussion. I look forward more feedbacks to come!



Riptide Pro:
To bring in my MDD animated Character meshes and cloth sims from “elsewhere”.

PSR clipboard: for scene arrangement

Thrausi’s fracturing plugins.

Light Lister

Realflow from Nextlimit.

  1. true symmetry (rip)
  2. redshift
  3. x-particles
  4. UV-vonc
  5. hb modelling bundle


Drop to Floor

Pretty much everything else is just for fun, but of those the ones I really like are…

Octane (when it’s not crashing)

I aslo ike Mesh Boolean.

I would usually add X-Particles, but a bit of me thinks it’s bloatware now. Too many options, too many features I never use, needs GPU acceleration for the simulation tools. It’s just overkill for me now – although I don’t doubt its genius.

  1. Drop tools from kuroyumes zone.
  2. plug-ins4d kits from gamelogicdesign, extend of sculpting, painting in c4d and not only.
  3. coffeestock solutions
  4. point projector from F.Willeke
  5. C4DtoA


HB Modeling Bundle
Magic Solo

Btw, anyone knows if there’s a GoZ version that works for R20?

  • MirrorPointPosition
  • Skinprops Undertow
  • Welter Plugins UV to Object
  • CV artSmart


Magic Solo (though I hate when textures rebuild each time)
Drop to Floor
Uniform Resizer


Redshift (my favorite renderer so far)
HB ModellingBundle
Primitive Sketch (Warning, this is sometimes buggy, but I still use it a lot to draw out primitives on other objects)
CV-Selection Manager (Actually, a number of CV plugins)
Mirror, Mirror


Thanks so much again for contributing so far.



Magic Solo


Nitro Solo
Perfect Split
Buffer Booster
Polligon Material Converter
Easy Chesterfield


Render Elements
SteadyCam Pro

Blunt Trauma looks so promising, so honorable mention.

Oh crap, I got my time machine settings bolloxed again.

  • CV Clean Mode
  • CV-OM Tools
    • CV-Randomize Object Colors
    • CV-Localize Material / Texture Tag
    • CV-Select Similar Objects
    • CV-Sort Objects Alphabetically
  • CV-Splines to Objects
    • CV-Chamfer
    • CV-Outline
  • CV-Convert to PBR Material
  • CV-Import Image As
    • CV-Import Image As Plane

But of course, I’m a bit biased. I developed a lot of the CV tools based on issues I was having with my own workflow, and they’re easy for me to download and install at once thanks to CV-Toolbox.


Jenna! You still use Jenna? What version of C4D does it work with?

For those who don’t know Jenna was Mograph before Mograph


For me…

Drop to floor
DEM Earth
CV Toolbox

A few other I find useful on a regular basis:
Perfect split
Uniform Resizer
ArrowMaker (via Insydium Bridge)