Thor The Thunderer, Triumph And Death, Glen Angus (2D)


Title: Thor The Thunderer, Triumph And Death
Name: Glen Angus
Country: USA
Software: Photoshop

Here is a piece that went through several iterations in it’s process.
Done in Photoshop.
It’s that moment when Thor slays the Midgard serpent and then drowns in a pool of its venom.
Inspired from Norse mythology of the end of days"Ragnarok" and old AD&D days.
Hope you like.


very impressing work! :thumbsup:


Excellent work again! As I say, love your style. Congratulations :applause:


great work man ,
But i’m afraid that the hummer could not pass through his long horn!
Great work again :thumbsup:


Great to see you back, Very powerful image!


I love it
colors do really fit together 5 stars!


excellent works~great paiting and color ,good effects,I like it ~so cool~keep the good works up~:beer: :wip:


Totally wicked man!! Great job!:thumbsup: Lightning is a cool touch too.


good one indeed.
some nice dynamics, nice character.
i love the palette in particular, some good colors.
well done


awesomely powerful! :thumbsup:


Very nice color, light etc over all good job but isnt his arms going to catch on those to large horns on his helmet:)


very nice! :bowdown:


superb dragon killer nice lighting effect cool work 5stars:buttrock: :thumbsup:


Wow… :thumbsup: Great work!


very nice!



That´s a very beautiful image - the composition - lightning - the design of the characters.
very well done. :thumbsup:




oh, such impressive cool work with a lot of excellent brush-skills… I like it very mucho mucho :thumbsup: :applause:


wow!! great mood. beautifull artwork. like your style.


Love the way you’ve designed the head on the serpent. Great pic


Exellent mouvement in your piece, I really like this “break point” of the move, before the big crash. I enjoy to your light , brush … and all. A piece of a great artist.