Thor The God of Thunder, Anthony Moy (2D)


Title: Thor The God of Thunder
Name: Anthony Moy
Country: USA
Software: Photoshop

Thor the Norse God of Thunder has always been a personal favorite of mine. Here is my personal rendition of Thor. I have portrayed him with elements from Marvel’s version and what I have read from Norse Mythology (Iron Gauntlets, Girdle of Might, and Mjolnir the Uru Hammer). I have also tried to portray clothing which is more true to Norse Viking imagery. I hope you like it. Comments and crits are welcome.



If you want to be really authentic, he should have red hair and a red beard :wink:


Pretty solid illustration you got there. The only critique I have is maybe define the muscles a bit more in the legs, right now they look a little chubby, but that’s all.

I heard the Thor movie got pushed back to 2011, btw.


I think an entire Avengers piece would a good next project for ya.


Hi Guys,

Thanks for your input. I really appreciate it.

Leigh: This rendition is an amalgam/mixture of the Marvel Thor and more “traditional” Viking elements. It’s just my personal taste. I chose not to do red hair and beard. I like the Marvel clean shaven long hair blonde look. That’s all.

Tad: Those are supposed to be baggy, loose fitting pants. So showing muscle definition is not intended.

I’ll try an Avengers piece in the future. Do you think I should go for an old time version or the new version? Whatever, I do there, I’ll have to keep true to the Marvel models. That’s what made this piece fun. I got to do my own take on the concept. :slight_smile:



I’d like to see your take on the old school Avenger designs.


Hi. Here’s my critique: my thought is that you worked the detail more than the actual volume of shapes, and some textures, specially the ones in the girdle and gloves flatten the tridimensionality. Take a look yourself with criticism to the girdle/gloves and to the fur in the right boot, how the lack of “lit” and “shadowed” parts give them a flat look. It kinda happens to me sometimes too, but volumes are way more important than details, and details can even be destructive in the overall look if they kill the flow of lighting. I hope you find my critique useful :slight_smile:


looking good



Abelo and Phoenix: Thanks for your feedback. I really appreciate it.

Abelo: I think I understand what you’re saying: The strong textures in certain areas detract from those with less and make them look flat. I actually built full textures into each area on Thor including his skin. However, this cannot be fully appreciated at the scale limitations of the jpeg provided. I don’t fully agree with the texture contrast argument though, because by nature the girdle which is made of a nurled like iron material has more apparent texture than skin. To make the girdle with less texture to the point that it does not compete or “flatten” the look of the skin (for example) would completely obscure my intent to show that the girdle is made of a tough material. Much of my choices concerning texture were premeditated and I will concede that they are a matter of taste, namely my taste. Sometimes, you get these things right for the viewing audience, and sometimes they come off as a bit “off”. (Sorry for the pun)

I think what you are seeing as flat is due to a smaller range of value changes going from light to dark. I believe that changes in value (light and dark) and value placement are a vital part in creating a volumetric quality to a painted object. However, in the case of this painting, with the introduction of the glowing hammer (a relatively strong light source) I had to take into account that it tends to wash out some of those values. Taking also into account that there is a secondary light source to Thor’s left and some assumed reflected light, I think I portrayed it accurately.

I must say that your criticism forced me to re-examine my approach to making this image of Thor. For that I am thankful that you shared your thoughts with me. In the end, I think I made the painting to the aesthetic that I preferred and to the best of my technical ability at this time. I look at each of my paintings that I do as an exciting journey to further enlightenment and betterment. Thanks for sharing in that journey.



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