Thor, Daniel Monroe (2D)


Title: Thor
Name: Daniel Monroe
Country: United States
Software: Painter

An illustration of Thor. I wanted to try to show some mystic power, without having to resort to too much “glam”. I think this somewhat classic portrait style of the thunder god is somewhat poetic.


Maybe your palette is a little bit dark and maybe it could get even more beautiful with a higher detail level in stroking.

Anyway, I can see you draw really well, cause the shapes are nice.


Thank you for your insight on this painting. This is actually my first digital painting, so it is a couple of year’s old. I have actually adjusted this painting a few times, some people have said it was too light…so I adjusted it, then some say it is too intense, too saturated, and etc., so I adjust it. The problem with so many different video cards, and monitors, it is really difficult to know how people really see the artwork on the internet. I try to view my artwork on several different computer screen’s, and try to go with a happy medium between the one’s that I view. If there is an easier way to make sure that people are seeing the artwork the same way that I am actually painting it, I wish someone would let me know. LOL!

I am on a learning curve, I learn everyday!


You are right. Choose colors is a matter of taste and mood.

Maybe it looked dark for me cause you used a lot of “magenta like” tones.

You have a good skill. The rest is only opinion.


Thank you. Your opinion is important to me, because I need to know what people are seeing so that I can take those things into consideration when I am producing new works! :slight_smile:


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