Thom Yorke caricature, Andrew Hickinbottom (3D)


Title: Thom Yorke caricature
Name: Andrew Hickinbottom
Country: United Kingdom
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, Photoshop

Ive been inspired by some caricature art recently and spent the last 3-4 days entheausiastically working on this image of the lead singer of Radiohead’s very charismatic face.
My lack of experience with caricature art has meant that the likeness could be a lot better, but im very pleased with the result as it was very quick to do, and i was able to learn a little about Mental ray’s materials and final gathering to produce a ‘proper’ looking render that i felt i have been unable to achieve in the past.
I felt like i have achieved and learnt something by doing this - a feeling i havent had for some time now.

It is entirely 3d with some minor colour control and level alteration in photoshop. Textures were all cut and pasted from various high-res photos of Thom Yorke. stubble & eyebrows generated using max’s hair plugin, then turned to geomertry.

Here are some WIP images and closeups:


lol,cool work, very cool the eyes look



Nice one mate, great image! Love the colours too. Maybe he could duet with my Björk caricature :slight_smile:


Cool-I like the style of the hair.

I’m not sure of the likeness overall but the mouth is spot on.
Eyes like his wouldn’t be easy to get right in realism or caricature.


Great caricature man! I love the style that you put in all your works! It’s a pleasure see again characters that aren’t orcs, sexy women or hyper muscular men and comeback and see cartoon or caricature style. For this all, congratulations and 5 stars! :thumbsup:


I love the expression on his face. Good job. Never heard of using max that way. Thanks for including the note.


My hero. Andy, I love your work.


it’s cool radiohead boy, nice job 5*s! :cool:



I think it´s great. maybe you could pitch them a music video with that style :slight_smile:


Lovely, I like the fact you’ve given some style to the caricature, rather than simply exaggerating his features. Top stuff.


Dude, u´ve got 5 stars from me. Awesome work.


this is greate Model ,textrue and render … it is just fantastic

you have greate style ,I love All your projects …


gr8 andyH art cool thom york caricature very stylish and funny:thumbsup:


job well done man the texturing looks great and the model love hes eyes

great job 4 stars


awesome works
5 stars


Yeah ! Great work Andy ! I was sure you would be on good on caricature ^^
The asymmetry is a good idea. I like the expression too :buttrock:


Awesome image made even better by the fact that Radiohead are my favorite band.


I wish I had something new to say about this piece, but honestly I just wanted to chime in and say how much I really like this piece.

*clicks Submit Reply while humming Radiohead songs.


Whao! I Really like this carricature, the style is awesome and the hair came our really well. Great work Andy. :thumbsup:


Great work man, Really like it.

the only little bit of crit I could say is I would have liked the hair to have a bit more detial to it to match the beard.

Nice going