This web page gives me depression


I have found a min gold for people that use c4d for modeling (not mandatory) only to discover that 90 of the tools mentioned have been discontinued by its creators, the tools is what i dream about when i go to sleep at night thinking about how to approach better and faster some of my workflow techniques, if anyone has some similar gadgets under the hood please share im sure everyone would much appreciate it.


Many great plugins were lost do continual changes made by Maxon and developers got tired of having to update for every release or hand out new license codes.

However, there were several developers who produced great plugins e.g. Kuroyume who were never supported by users so they had no choice but to find paying work away from C4D. There have been many instances where plugin developers have created great tools which are ignored when they’re for sale and when the developer gives up makes them free they get swamped by freeloaders.

Scene Nodes should come to the rescue and make it easy for you to create your own plugins and share them, many of those plugins are well within the scope of being created in Scene Nodes. I’m genuinely surprised there’s very few people, as far as I can see, exploring Scene Nodes much fewer sharing what they’ve learned or what they’ve produced. There should be a cottage industry of Scene Nodes ‘capsules’ being generated and shared like the good ol’ days of coffee scripts.

I saw Nick Vegas’ mate Chad whinging about Scene Nodes in a video recently, another surprise as I thought GSG would be all over them selling training and rather premium priced plugins created with them.


Oh didnt know that sceen nodes is much capable, to be faire i haven’t yet put any interest on sceen nodes given that i do modeling mainly and by maxon word’s the thing still in beta phases, lets hope for the best to see whats next, but history proved that it might be 5 - 10 years to wait with the glacial speed that maxon operates.