This was I some time ago was drawing


This was I some time ago was drawing


Please do not use such a distracting watermark over your works. They are not of a high enough resolution, nor a high enough quality, that you should be so concerned over image theft. If you take the time to look around these forums, you will find that very few fellow members have such visually distracting marks on them.

These are nice enough works, but are all little more than speedpaints, with very low detail and rendering quality. I have requested a moderator to move this thread over to the Speedpaints and Sketchbooks forum, where it is more appropriate.

The WIPs/Critique forum is for posting those artworks that you are still working on improving, not really for just sharing what you have created in the past. This is the forum to post current on-going works, for feedback and assistance with problems you are having.

Hope this helps!



I am sorry ! agree.


They’re nice though! Can you explain a little bit about the process by which you sketch them? Color first and then light, or light then color…? I recognize some of them from movies, but not all. Are they all from movies?

And, do you really paint with them that small?


Some is the scene in the film, some is the inspiration derived. Some tries, hope to receive some suggestions .


It is one point of Sketchbook of a advertisement.


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