(This is a zine project) FATE FATALE: A FATE GRAND ORDER TAROT


Quick Project Info:
Fate Fatale Tumblr (lots of useful asks on here)


Fate Fatale is a tarot card deck that will be a giant collaboration with a bunch of artists! It is a fan project, and is based on the game Fate Grand Order, each card will be a character from the game. Our goal is to print both majors and minors, so we are hoping for a bunch of artists to want to participate! The game is full of really fun character designs, this tarot deck collab is all about having fun and drawing a pretty character, and then pay is a percentage of preorders as well as printed decks mailed to you.

The FAQ has the most detailed info on what we’re looking for, what portfolio to submit (a folder of your 10 best or so is great!) scheduling, and what it pays so do have a look at the FAQ if you’re interested! c:

It will be a really pretty printed project, with both the box and back of card having gold foil on them!

We are open to a variety of styles and mediums! We are most interested in a manga or indie or storybook style, but as long as an artist has a good handle on color/contrast, composition, and anatomy these foundations glow in all styles. c:

Thank you for viewing our project and considering applying!

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oh yay! My forum thread! you approved it!
I’m really happy! c:


Aps close at 11:59pm EST on Jan 31st! I am so excited for this project! c: