This is a scam beware if you were messaged by this person


I was messaged by a user that goes by the name nr556

This was the Conversation.

I then emailed the person This was the conversation

Im not stupid. I said no way so I googled it and this is what I found

Same person same message.

the message thread got deleted this morning

So theres my proof. Just wanted you guys and the admins to be aware.


And im changing my username lol


Or yes the account should be banned here.
It tried to ping me as well.
After one ‘non-answer’ I did a google search and it is documented as such and so I ignored it.

If somebody is gonna be that evasive they are likely a scam or so inconsiderate as to not be worthy of my time.


Agreed. Just thought I should bring proof and inform the people. I was under the impression it was a scam before I emailed said person. But I was curious so I bit the bait but I just made sure not to click any links in the email for fear of viruses.

she sent a picture of a person in an office (not sure if it was her or not) for “authenticity”


almost want to troll the person lol


I also got the message, didn’t even bother to reply.
I wish I had the time to do something like this:

Just to waste their pathetic time, and maybe save a soul or two of being scammed.


OH. I’m 100% doing this!!!


I’ll keep y’all posted


Haha yeah please do! :joy:


I got that one as well Mates’
could not even be bothered to respond,
however previously I demanded that another such scammer go to my youtube page, subscribe and like every one of my videos before I would email her/him

…needless to say they suddenly lost interest in me.


I am curious how in this day and age, why anyone would see that email and not automatically think SPAM? I mean, especially when they put minimal effort into it. I could see if the scammer put a little effort into it, and contacted you this way. “Hi, I came across your portfolio and would like to know if you are available for freelance? Please reply to my email here,


Do they think im dumb?


It would be nice if such converstations could be put at an ignore list. I’ve had this happen twice now.