This Is A Girl Who Love Eating Tomato., Hwx (3D)


Title: This Is A Girl Who Love Eating Tomato.
Name: Hwx
Country: China
Software: 3dmax Photoshop

This is a girl who love eating tomato. There is some nervous in her lovely because she afraids some others will snatch her tomato. Tt’s funny and lovely girl. I want expression this feeling by my works.


very nice work :thumbsup: why don’t you use this image for thumbnail?




i like the pic…it’s nice funny and the look on her face is real…but take a look at her ear again…it seems a bit too big for a girl in her age right ?..keep it up :thumbsup:


great work!!!

i do think you got that “lovely nervous look” you mentioned!





the shaders are really good, very realistic

but her ear looks odd, really big and out of place; her hands are realy strange, the fingers are too long and the maps make them look old [the bumps are too strong and the colors doesn’t match wit the ones on her face] and for last the tomato, it doesn’t look like a tomato, it’s not red or wet enough.

her expression is really good, it’s really easy to see what she’s thinking

great work =]


wow, excellent work :thumbsup:



Fantastic. I think the textures on the hands are correct for a baby, but make her face wetter around the tomato and make the tomato look more recognizable. If it wasn’t in the title of your post, I would have guessed the object she’s eating is a piece of raw meat.
Did you work trying to match a photograph?


Awesome, that looks really good, however i think there’s sth with the fingers they look more like from old human than a child, and that wet tomato look would definately help here a lot !
Anyway great work.


This looks better than your thumbnail. I like it very much. :thumbsup:
Cool texture on the shirt!



Yes the ear has problems.

The sweater is photoshopped?

love the expression.

love to see a wireframe.


Great work!
The hands and the sweater are especially good.
I have an irrational dislike of (unprocessed) tomatoes though, so the image makes me feel a bit uneasy :scream:


While I agree that the ear is too far back, I believe that the hands are spot on. Children do have wrinkly little hands (as if there whas too much skin on them). I really love this piece. Congratulations.


Lovely work :slight_smile: Her face expression is really something… * Don’t know if you used (in case you did!) a photo as a ref… although the ear doesn’t look “in place” and the tomato doesn’t look quite “redish”… it could b like that… don’t know… only you can give some answers… anyway… I like it :thumbsup:


Very good. Could you post the wires?

The hands are amazing, but ears need more work.


very nice, I like it


fantastic, congratulation:applause:


good work!
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The hands is my favorite part