This has never happened to me before, Tiago Hoisel (2D)


Title: This has never happened to me before
Name: Tiago Hoisel
Country: Brazil
Software: Photoshop

This is a cartoon version of one of my favorites movie character, it´s a personal work that I made just for a study. I painted all with just one brush standard and at the end I aplied some paper textures to make a litlle dirty. Throughout the processI made some changes on the first draw, on the position of the legs and on the hands to make enrich the idea. Thank´s to Pedro Conti (Peter Talk) for the tips.
I Hope that you like.


Haha I literally laughed out loud when I saw this! He’s simultaneously obnoxious and adorable. Thanks for posting the WIP image as well, it’s always really interesting to see a person’s progress.



Lol, this is a really great painting! Then again anything which captures the spirit of Davey Jones and even gets close to the quality deserves frond page imo.


hehe that’s great :slight_smile:


you keep going the next level man! :bounce:


awesome again man!! hahah
love it!


LOL funny! You made my day with this. Congrats on the front page! Well deserved. :smiley:


haha! Priceless!

congrats on the 1st page and great work!


Wow! Amazing! Great work!


wow! youve even captured that zbrushiness that the models have in the movie! =D absolutely lovely…there should be a spinoff in this style! you should pitch it!


great show !


Fun, entertaining and well done!


Pictures like this are why I keep coming here. Glad I have you marked as one of my favorites. All of your work is inspiring.


I am standing up and I am applauding. Can you see me?


Fantastic and inspiring! Do you know how many hours you put into this one?


i thought this was a 3D sculpt for like 20 seconds before i saw the 2D branding hahaha. NICE WORK!


Parabens pelo maravilhoso e estiloso trabalho


Man from Bahia, this time you made it all avacalhated!! (Baiano, desta vez você avacalhou com tudo!)


Man this is amazing. It looks so 3d; it just pops off the page.


Very impressive man