This guy would better have a descent excuse


been a while since I’ve been to 3dTotal, but I distinctly remember Michael Sormann’s Warrior as it was one of the first images to really knock my socks off… I love that guy’s characters…


I hope this kid gets whats coming to him… cough interview cough


soo…uhh…how do we go about killin this guy… he stole my work too and i’m not too happy…


What a little scummy piece of sh!t. Asshole. This disgusting little worm - check out the list of apps he “owns” and the crappy hardware he uses - if he thinks he is impressing anyone, he sure is wrong :thumbsdow

Someone needs to get software developers on this guys ass, and he sure as hell deserves to get his pants sued off for stealing peoples work.

People like this make me sick.

Little puke.


people like this piss me off. Life is hard enough. There’s no need to waste time by having to deal with idiots like these… I am sorry for the artits who have been cheated. At least you found out about it Pascal.
As hopeless as this may sound let’s hope this doesn’t become a bigger trend than it already is.



He’s running ALL those apps on a PII!!!:eek:

Yeah Whatevahhh!!!:annoyed:


My work is all boring ass industrial stuff, but at least I don’t have to steal!!


One of my friends images is on that site also.

I think its hilarious that this guy even has the balls to do this.

He knows every sinlge 3d package out there, I am shocked that he doesnt have Renderman on that list as well.

This guy has to go down.:thumbsdow


This guy cannot be serious…does he really think no one would notice he is ripping off well known peoples work.

His work (wink, wink, cough…rip-off)

Original artist work…

This guy is begging for an ass wuppin.


Within the first 2 pages alone I noted the work of at least 4 artists work that I know on sight. That is not even counting the other artists that I have not seen before. This is a lawsuit waiting to happen.:thumbsdow


You gotta give him props for having a web design company and still having the “guts” to use a Netobjects Fusion pre-made cut and paste template and plug and play “gallery”

This muchacho has huevos grandes!!




Look at this book he wrote:

Very Funny!



Congrdaulations on getting the front page Dale!!!:applause:


ROFLMAO @ Jeremy Birn


On his “web site” he has a little picture that shows where he is from … whic shows Oz. Yet the that hosts his site AND his “company” is in Helsinki, Finland. The ones that have had their work stolen should contact them, tell them that they have stolen copyrighted stuff on THEIR server, threaten to sue unless they narc on who/where this brat is.


Originally posted by Rye
Congrdaulations on getting the front page Dale!!!:applause:

yeah. his talent couldnt go un-noticed. :slight_smile:


He should sue that Dan Ablan ass for taking credit for his work all these years.



HEY !! If I steal Stahlbergs kewl half nekkid chica pics CAN I BE ON THE FRONT PAGE TOO???:eek:




Originally posted by Tex3D
HEY !! If I steal Stahlbergs kewl half nekkid chica pics CAN I BE ON THE FRONT PAGE TOO???:eek:

youll get 2 plugs.



Have you guys checked out his hardware!!! His PII apparently has TWO AGP SLOTS and his AMD apparently has THREE!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! And elephants fly along the Nile MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA




If you get to steal Stalhberg’s stuff I want Taron, Meni-Things, and all of Chuck Jones work credit. Oh and Jim Lee too.



Leigh…are you trying to insinuate that they do not have agp slots!!!




I’m sort of Honoured to say my Asylum Corridor render was also done by him…its realy odd…because I’m sure …in fact I could sware that I did it…obviously not…
Whoops silly me…incredible…