This guy would better have a descent excuse


his name is Dale Williams…
Check HIS personnal gallery, I have just no words to tell how sorry I feel for this guy…
personnaly I found one of my pictures in page 6… with my copyright intentionnaly erased and replaced by his name…
Hope there is some room left for him in the next MARS shuttle…

thx for the tip SoMk!


some more snapshots, in case of he shut down his site…


Wow, nice work. :wink:

:frowning: in fact.
We have found a new Régis (like in “Régis is dumb”)



what a moron , it should be legal to kill people like him :annoyed:

I really cant believe he changed your name on the picture pascal , sue his ass please.



Its hard to believe there are people out there who actually do this sort of thing. I wonder how many images in that gallery are his…probably none.


this guy is incredible. :eek: , i havent seen such blatant copyright violation in my life.


Wow, thats brutal! This guy must be off his rocker if he thinks he’ll get away with that for long…

And did you guys notice that he also uses the latest version of every popular graphics app… man he must have some severally deep pockets (or a good kazaa server)


Fortunnatelly, he is abble to work for free (as he said)…
A good user of google I’d say…

Do they have something to copy on Mars ?


Maybe we should send him a personal email showing our appreciate of his good works:

or maybe we should hire him for some contract work perhaps


Michel Roger’s Joan d’Arc :annoyed:

“Some people are alive, simply because it’s illegal to kill them”.


anyone remember this image of the beetle on the bottom. its in expose right?

anyone here know how to hack a website? :wip:


SSHTTT guys… got an idea … you know what?? don’t flame him right now, we have to make this guy famous :stuck_out_tongue:


yeah lets put his website on the front page :thumbsup:


lol pascal … yeah lets make him well known… somebody should make an interview with him :wink: … just to see how he answers the questions


By the way he seems to be “only” 16…

So young so famous so quick… so nearly dead. :wink:


This guy must be insane. Even his stuff on Elfwood is plagarized, if he ever hopes to get a place in the CG industry, he’s off to a bad start.



huhuh didnt see he had a gallery here too…

Originally posted by Biohazard
[B]By the way he seems to be “only” 16…

So young so famous so quick… so nearly dead. :wink: [/B]


Make sure you all leave him a message!

Calling him a dick felt pretty good actually:thumbsup:



What a complete a-hole! I can’t believe it! He sure has to be a couple of french-fries short of a happy meal… Jeez… I have to go nuke his mailbox now.:thumbsdow


Click here :

The picture seams that it as been cuted… the bottom part… it seams that it doent load but it fully loaded. save to your compy… youll see that the bottom got edited.