This Forum Looks Terrible


Hello @Travis … do not listen anyone!

It’s nice modern forum! :heart_eyes:

Look at new modern forum from maxon developer team


Thanks for the update Travis, I have a couple of questions and it probably one’s that are important to a lot of users who visit here and those are…

  1. Will we be able to have the option of numbered pages, instead of the infinite scrolling system we have here now ?

  2. Will there be an option to disable the round avatar images next to the thread topics and have a textual information bar of who last replied, and at what time as it was before instead ? From a visual attractiveness and practical viewpoint, it’s just useless clutter and un-informative beyond a certain number of posts in any case. I’ve never seen anything like it in 18 years of using forums.

| Topics | Replies | Views | Last Post |

/\ - That’s all we need regarding threads.

I regularly post on other forums besides this CGtalk one , relating to music production… KVR for example provides clear information of threads and who’s posted as shown below. Also take note of the clear and easy to read font they use.

  1. The other thing is about signatures on here, I know that’s low on the priority list right now…but it was useful in helping others find out and discover what we as creative individuals are able to do and where people can find it besides give more meaningful profile’s of ourselves.


Your avatar looks great!

I’ll have them take a look at log in. It may be necessary for a stay logged in check box for Safari.

Sidenote is that we have to be recertified by FB for those that use log into fb. This shouldn’t take more than a few days.

We should have most issues cleared up by mid week next week as we are devoting all our time to it.

Font, font spacing, value,
General layout spacing

Are people happy with avatar size? Or do you feel they are to small?

There seems to be a delay when making edits of having the page update or having to refresh after hitting update to get it show. The software is turning the highlight color from blue to green blue. Minor issue but just so everyone understands that even these issues will be fixed.

The old red presented a lot of ui issues it also doesn’t compress well We tested things like subtle accent color as users tend to spend more time so having harsher colors can be harder on the eyes over time. Its pretty interesting how few colors work well. In general we found blue is almost always the choice online for social which appears obvious after you look at it. FB, twitter, linkedin, 60+% choose blue 17% green 7% red 2% yellow so we chose the blue. Our brand color is just black and white cgsociety logo so In a future update we would like to give users the ability to choose from a selection of fonts and colors to quickly customize the site for your own use. As far as a black background we chose to have a bit brighter background for multiple reasons one being the contrast affect on art the second is issues with monitors from older models to 5k models.

Most issues were tested and retested prior to launch but as noted before, we are actively editing live, anticipating issues, like this after migration still there are lots if things, even simple things like this that we are hyper aware and in process of changing


That forum burns my eyes out, it’s completely flat, too bright, sterile, and poorly designed despite the message font being a bit more readable than the font is here. This CGtalk forum currently has the polar opposite problem of the lack of colour used on the maxon one… however it does have more of a structured design and contrast with more shades and use of colour, in places where necessary. The never ending scrolling is comparable, something, which is a turn off for many I think use to the normal forum standards.


At the bottom of the page there is a box with page count number. If you click it you can jump to any part of the endless scroll or directly back to the top.

Stopping by netflix today but will post more later


I just tried it, seriously it’s bl***dy horrible, it’s so clunky…that wasn’t what I was looking for at all… you will drive everyone away from this site using that.

A bit off topic but related somewhat…

Typically I redesign software applications, design and redesign instrument concepts for software companies so they adopt the ideas I come up with. Propellerheads Reason was one redesign project I did in 2014. Three years later, Props released a new version with striking similarities…

Reason Redesign


I had touch such forum when i go to rhino forums. I like dark theme, navigation.


If people use this site or not, that will be the true test of this redesign.


Hi Travis,

Old avatar, back when I wanted to model the Maxon new look, lol. Must change it.

I read many forums but none are social sites like FB, LinkedIn, etc, so the round avatars
have little significance to me but that they take up space and really don’t indicate who
posted last … especially when more than a couple dozen replies are made. I liked
seeing the name much better so I know if I should read the comment or if they were on
my ignore list :slight_smile:

Login seems dependent on if I cleared history for the last day or not.

One forum I’ve read for a decade or so uses a blue variant I like, being easy for long reading.
I attach a small screen cap for reference … if it helps.

Best regards,

Edit: Hmm, can’t attach an image ??? The blue is RGB/ 42-68-93


I totally agree and way too much useless info (how long it takes to read a thread??? ) pointless


Two weeks have passed and the website / forum still looks the same and functions just as terribly as it did. Promises to fix it, and nothing… It’s like those Cowboy Builders, that come round to do some work on your house, do a shoddy job and don’t return…

CGtalk use to be the defacto place for everything related to CGI…not any more. Really disappointing…


The only thing I think you hit accurately in that post was the amount of time that’s passed.

As far as promises? The team has posted an update almost nightly with updates. Visual updates are important but take a back seat to bugs like fixing log in issues. I’m sure as a pro or freelancer you recognize that with every update there is a potential for new bugs.

As far as that cowboy team! Yeah! I’d say they are gun slingers and are doing what very few teams could do! They have a budget and a small team and I am happy with how hard they work. What you get wrong is that those cowboys have developed some of the highest ranking sites on the web with innovative features not just a re-skin of a vbulliten or xenforo forum. Any web developer or designer that would judge the workload of a site this size, with multiple databases and 15 years of post linking to millions of threads, along with multiple attached accounts would probably be speaking beyond experience.

You are free to post bugs, suggestions, what you do and don’t like but these should be done with a basic level of respect or manners. Every art director for a studio, artists, or individual for this site has been hand selected because I believe in them and their ability and I will always speak up for them when someone speaks without accurate info or just plain fires a useless insult, so if you choose to start throwing stones instead of being constructive you dont have to sign out, ill do it for you.

We have several milestones and pushed in the coming week. Just because you don’t see a font change doesn’t mean the guys didnt just repair 80k broken links. As you probably have experiance with you know that doesnt take a night. I would say log out for a few weeks and come back if the design bothers you so much. Otherwise you know where I stand on negativity for the sake of simply throwing insults.


Still slow, still a waste of screen space, still obscure info with useless icons.

Saving posted files came not with file name but some not meaningful name.

There you have your deserved “insult”.


I think it got much better. Everything is bigger and more readable, less wasted space. I’m still used to the old one, but if the foundation is good it can only get better.


I would also vote for a page numbered system, this is pretty difficult to navigate.
The mentioned numbers at the button of the screen are missing for me (chrome windows 7)

Kind regards, Robert


I was a harsh critic of what Travis and Co did over the last years, but this step forward is definitly something i very much agree with.
Given the difficult nature of the forums software, i already knew that from old times when Leomards crew was unable to keep it up to date, i am not surprised what kind of effort it took to get to this point.
Once the platform has been stabilized and all the basics are running smoothly i am sure they will put more time in the finetuning and i gladly give them the time to do that right.


I’ve gotten used to it now.
It’s not going to dramatically change anyway so it’s a ‘bow with the wind or break situation’. :grin:

There is a big function that I miss. Previous art gallery had a search function which is either missing or I can’t find it. It looks like it’s now impossible to search for artwork related to let’s say “pirates” or “spaceships”. That’s really sorely missing.

These smileys are fugly though. :slight_smile: