This Forum Looks Terrible


Thanks odo

Threads should mostly be restored still importing the last few same for archive fix. Can anyone check and post back if your unable to see it… post a link if you have a bookmark so we can investigate


This is bad, so bad that i even considered if i would just sign in again.

Huge space between posts i have to probably double the effort to scroll , the waste of space here is outrageous.

Then after signing it and if wasn’t already enough for every action there is a delay.

There is nothing positive from this for common daily use of reading a topic and posting.


Surely the font can be changed?


The text would be easier to read if it wasn’t white.


Maybe it’s just the difference in browser / platform, but my 42 year old eyes have no issues with reading the fonts nor do I have any issue with the white color of said font on the dark charcoal BG. I haven’t yet tried to view yet from my phone or my Mac, but here on Windows 10 in the latest version of Chrome, I see no problem with those two specific things.

As for the rest of it - they have made it very clear to us that they working on it - all of these issues - this is a giant task, and any of you who have ever been involved in any manner of large scale production can surely understand that these things are not easy or fast. Will will have a rough patch during the transition, but I am confident the team at CGTalk are going to get it all sorted.


I’m 41 here, my eyes are still pretty sharp…but there is definitely something up with the font which is being used and the only way to make it slightly more bearable is to zoom in and out whilst using the CTRL - / + keys. I think one of the things wrong is that the fonts look partly flattened, For example ’ O or o ’ don’t look round but rather slightly oval, and combine that with a slimmer font, it makes it’s harder for the eyes to focus and communicate with the brain in a way that one is naturally use to. One may or may not get use to this…but it shouldn’t be an issue that one needs to adjust to and constantly adjust.

This reply text box is using emboldened text, but is much smaller from that of the posting text. The above paragraph of text isn’t any better, it’s slightly worse to try and read than that of the posts that lay in the thread underneath this box. It’s almost as if my eyes are criss-crossing with each other to try and read it. The kerning of the fonts is visually too close together.

I do think that the gray background needs to be a touch darker to help better define the fonts which are used.

Other aspects of the forum and one that is immediately co-ordinating is the left alignment of the container ( the box that contains the forum posts ). This should be centralised, the posts should be properly separated with clear bordering between them, because otherwise, we are left looking into a dark grey void of emptiness.

For reference I’m on Windows 7 using Firefox on a 1080P screen.


Well, the Windows machine I was on earlier was using a 1440 screen, here now on my Mac Book Pro with the unbeatable Retina display at 2880 x 1800 combined with the superior way MacOS renders fonts, and I find it looks even better…

Having said that, one doesn’t design UI for best-case scenarios - unless said UI is only to be used on devices that fall into that best case scenario - they should be able to scale across all platforms and all devices and be perfectly readable consistently across them. Insomuch as you and several others have expressed difficulty in reading the current format, I wholeheartedly agree that it should be addressed.

I do agree with the odd presence of negative space the split justification of the posts and right-side info/navi widgets, and the dark gray could stand to ramp down a little, but the more I use the new forum, the more potential I see in it. Looking forward to seeing where it goes.


Same question form me…


Font looks OK / not too harsh on the eyes in Safari IMO, but the spacing between elements and the UI layout is really bad.

Why are we borrowing a page from the Facebook playbook (i.e. scrolling timeline off to the side with a ton of wasted space)? The timeline metaphor is not a useful way of navigting forum threads IMO, and because of how the spacing is used there is a lot more scrolling now than there was before.

In general Facebook are the LAST people we should borrow UI ideas from. Their “updates and improvements” over the years have been almost universally terrible, at least if you’re talking about using a computer and not a phone. But even there, when I access this site via iPhone, I would never use a timeline widget like that. It’s just easier to flik and scroll and scan for responses.

But in any case there’s too much wasted space. This forum is not easier to use right now than it was before. One final comment: the link / edit / reply buttons are hard to see because of how much brighter the main body text is. Might want to reduce the contrast ratio a bit there, make the buttons slightly brigher.)

The thing I am still unclear on is, how far along are we with this redesign? What’s temporary and what’s not?


On the C4D homepage cover the the right side of the page and it looks quite nice, uncover it again and “dogs dinner” comes to mind. It does look like the blind are deigning web pages now.( I’ll bet they really are and I’ve just upset a lot of seeing people).


A box floating halfway up the thread, it’s getting worse…even Srek has fallen outside into the grey abyss…


What browser are you using? I don’'t have that behavior in either Chrome in Windows 10, nor Safari in MacOS HS.


Mentioned it a few time but for clarity we havent touched mobile yet so the site will not function correctly at all there. We are working on stability and data first making sure nothings lost in migration and accessible. Font issues are easy to change as are most issues we just have a small team and were 2 days out on 10 days of likely work. Many issues you mention fb etc are the forum software. We dont want to hack into that to much straight away because 15 years of doing that is what made the previous platform a code mess unstable and insecure which is the reason for the update.

Im not sure what browser that issue is on bit we are working on chrome and firefox and are not experiencing that issue if you want to post details. Ios and opera haven’t been worked on yet so i dont suggest using them


As I mentioned above in my previous post, I am using Windows 7, the browser is Firefox - Quantum 62.0. which is currently up to date.

It may be that if you create a thread, you see this kind of behaviour…what ever it is. I don’t like it,

It’s pretty annoying and just another one of those things about this site which is completely unnecessary.


Can you link me to this thread.


Edit - replied to my own post…hummm that’s also weird…


Looking at your image on mobile at lunch didn’t realize it was this thread, but thanks


I have to agree.

The new forum appearance is extremely difficult to look at. If this is how it’s going to be, then I guess that’s another website I’ll be removing from my bookmarks list. I honestly don’t have the time or mental will power to try and “see through” bad designs like this where I have to actively focus on the content I’m trying to read, because the contrast or colors are just so whacky.

But hey, I guess that’s the cost of progress eh? Who cares as long as it’s flashy and modern.



Some negative feedback is interesting though not suprising to note font was an issue we ourselves were unhappy with but migration needed to happen in order to prevent old data from being corrupted so this issue was my fault for putting the priority on fixing font and other tweaks after launch.

I take full blame so just say Travis sucks not the developers I gave the order. At the end of the day the developers and the rest of my team have devoted time and money to making sure the site is able to stay stable and be upgraded. The old site software was obsolete and breaking.

For some users here used to production I am bit surprised at the lack of flexibility though I dont blame individuals unaware of the site condition and need to modernize to ruby on rails.

We are daily making fixes and upgrades visually as mentioned a few times. step one is securing content and links. Thankfully migration went fairly well for a site with millions of links with some hiccups that have been 80% completed in a day

On our budget fonts, spacing and visual issues would be more quickly resolved with a team of 30 not 3 so for us we need to use manpower where capable. That doesn’t mean we are done just we are preparing to work on it as a lower priorty

This week upcoming font and minor visual treatments will be updated if you have been following these feeds you can see active updates happening. Mobile was unusable a day ago, we still haven’t started development for it but at least now you can use the gallery and forums reasonably.

We apologize for the users that find these updates unacceptable. It is hard to pass judgment without understanding what kind of massive undertaking this is. I would say it’s been well established and that the team is doing their best if that doesn’t work for you we understand there are sites with bigger budgets l, more acceptable design, and larger teams, that dont have to deal with broken code multiple databases and 15 years of content to secure to serve you. It’s my hope that is enough of an explanation and sorry we weren’t able to help your needs

For others who have complaint or run into problems we are here working on it.

Your feedback is of great help especially when it comes constructively working towards a solution. while frustrating hopefully its nice to know we are devoted. We won’t always give exactly what you want but we are always interested in your feedback and suggestions. Our goal is to improve the experiance, more features, resources and organization… while this new platform may initially be less appealing the advantage it offers in enabling us to add features monthly like a downloadable database of scripts, plug ins, etc. Will make it worth the downtime to many i believe.

We didn’t just drop an update or patch and fade away we made a migration the only way possible under the circumstances and are 2 days in working away.

For those with the patience or voice offering help thanks so much! It really helps when we are putting all profits into improvements to hear some users are willing to stick it out and see what we are able to bring you and hopefully we get you a solid finished project soon. Getting to the font before work on more free features for you in the future.


First, thanks for stepping forward to address concerns.
Login is needed each time on Safari … yes emptied cache/cookies.

I have no problem with the font readability though black BG preferred
over gray. Other than that, I’ll continue to check in every couple days
or so … old habits are hard to break, lol.

Good luck with your remodeling.