This Forum Looks Terrible


It’s like the code was given to a bunch of first year high school students using Flash… it’s just hideous… particularly with the round circles to the right. The balance of colours, brightness of fonts are just wrong…and will be even worse when gallery images are added… and that’s before getting into the layout and interaction aspects.

There’s an old saying, ’ Don’t try and fix what’s not broken’.

I’ve been designing interfaces and redesigning interfaces for the past 13 years whilst having a degree in it, so yeah… it’s one thing I’m passionate about… I didn’t expect to see this today…


I agree, beside the terrible look it’s barely usable right now


I know anytime UI is changed it can be a painful process, but this UI is AWFUL. Forums are dying everyday due to other forms of communication such as slack, discord, etc. This layout will contribute to the further decline of this board. If it stays this way, I will be using it less.


not to mention that the last 27 days of posts seem to be missing


Well, we don’t see eye to eye on many things, but on this topic, I wholeheartedly agree. I get what they were after, but it’s train-wreck at the moment. Hopefully they continue to tweak it in the coming days.


It’s probably just an interim design until they can come up with something usable.


Agree with everyone that posted … not to mention all the regular posters
that can’t figure out wtf happened. Don’t like having to login every time either.

Time to start looking for something more sensible … sigh !


I haven’t had the login every time issue so far…



This is a bit of a shock. But lets be honest this forum has been kinda iffy for a decade.We just got used to it. At least they are working on it now. Lets hope this is not the final offering…
For old farts, like myself, this forum probably looks horrible. Maybe this is the generation gap and kids will love it? who is the audience? I kinda suspect it doesn’t matter. This is not the place to hang anymore. Times have changed. Too little, too late.


I don’t care for the aesthetics or the design, but I find this font very hard to read. And even harder in this reply box…
This is the first time I have to wear my glasses to read the forum…
Oh, and by the way, serif fonts are best for reading text.


Dropping in to address some of the issues. Thanks for the heads up on most recent post not showing we are going through that right now finding out where the migration didn’t pull from and hopefully will have it fixed today.

As far as the look and feel of the forum, this has more to do with the forum software that honestly I am not a huge fan of as well. Partially because I am used to Xenforo and Vbulletin. A big part of what made this site difficult to upgrade is that the forum software is 11 years old however those software brands dont upgrade or support at the level we need to migrate the site.

We hired 3 teams over the past 3 years to try and safely migrate all the data but all three previous teams failed. Our current team pulled off something most people don’t realize the difficulty to. the site was multiple databases hacked together over 15 years so the only solution everyone else gave was to delete old content.

Though it may not appear we care, we have invested a lot of money and time over the past two years to make sure we were respectful to the artist that built this place and their content. That may not mean much of if you cant read the font or you feel the look makes you sick but we are here today with 28 hours straight awake working on making sure we address all concerns to the level we can. I apologize if some of you no longer wish to use the site and understand if you are unhappy with how we are updating the site. Because of the database and hacking issue, there is no way for us to test the site work out the kinks, then migrate ,which would be normal. Nothing about this code on this site or frankenstien way it was maintained over the years is so we will have about a week of updates and bug testing to get it right.

For those that care this was simply an update to get to working software to fix over 212 broken issues with this site so that we could get to the point of giving new features to the users. As an owner, I am on the site daily and we do check in and are here to listen. If anyone would like they are free to pm me there concerns the trend i have noticed is that people tend to go straight to being upset and im not sure why that might so feel free to reach out and let me know how we can help


I wasn’t a fan of the previous bare flat look update to the site…

But subtle transparent gradients can add depth when combined with a minimal palette of select colours to a forum. I generally find the gallery pictures to be overkill in any case, an elegantly designed, non foreboding header respecting the thread section ‘Cinema 4D’ with a drop down menu containing a thumbnail gallery of images one could view would be better, and by that I mean those relating to Cinema 4D which have been created. Separate sections for Videos, Tutorials, Resources and Plugins…

Keep it simple, accessible and elegantly designed without unnecessary distractions to the eye…


Hey Scott we have an image system for displaying images inside of the forum here. Whoever would like to choose those images and manage the links is welcome to reach out to me and in the next few days we will set them up with credintials to keep that updated. For launch we killed old images that were not being updated. Forum software right now out of the box is pretty limited on display this is something we are adressing in coming months incuding giving you the option at some point to choose your won color palet and font. Id just ask users here to understand we have to take things a step at a time and that this is not a one time update that we drop then disspear for the rest of the year.

One big challenge of this site is to help keep existing users happy along with users that grew up on social mobile and apps. presently we dont have a mobile solution and that is on our list as well. The Idea is keep giving input and we will keep listening nothing on the site is looked at as being a final soloution

We can also create the sobforums for videos, tutorials and resources though i believe this is just and order issue that didnt migrate as it existed before correct? if so let me get the guys to correct that and get them in place

Thanks for your reply


Have you tried clearing your cookies? you shouldnt have to log in each time let me know and we will get you help


Travis, thanks for taking the time to step in and discuss this. As I had assumed, it sounds like the current setup is just the first step in getting things transitioned, and hopefully over time, things will be more user friendly (fonts used, etc.)

It is the nature of the beast for people to become upset when sudden changes happen to something they’ve come accustomed to using daily.

It is a little hard to navigate at the moment, but I think 50% of that is just because it’s different than what we had. The other 50% is due to the fonts, and layout. I know it will get resolved.

Thanks again.


Thanks Interactive. I think the idea with things like fonts and colors is to find a fourth coming update to give you a limited number of fonts and colors to choose your own. Ideally I would like to have an alternate light version as well but for now we really wanted to focus on getting the new forum software and security and stability addressed so no data was lost.

As far as complaints I try not to step in with bIas but think it is important that you all know we care and are working to make new and old users as happy as we can under the limitations> I also want to give the developers credit for working within the limitations as well I think for people outside of web design and development some things seem easier than what they can be without seeing the back end. A big issue with us in the beggining is that previous developers would give us milestones and information that we passed on to users only to find out after months of work they could not achieve due too the site construction so we put everything else on hold to get this update done


I don’t have a problem with the new, thinner font styling and overall muted color scheme. The iconography and parts of the layout / spacing are bad. That said my guess is this is a temporary theme.


My immediate concern is the loss of content. I was using the R20 plugins thread as a reference of information not only to share with others but as something I could refer to while migrating to R20. I sure hope recent content can be restored.

I too agree that the font size is too small… Perhaps that can be bumped or changed per user setting.

The date/time indicator is pretty cool.


This site is completely unusable on my iPhone now, which was my primary way to keep up with talk on the forum.

The layout is incredibly horrible. The important information is the posts and the content. Not the Category, pictures of users, replies, views or activity. These columns take up all the space.

The font, color choices are bad.

And even now while typing this my text box is about 50% of the width of my page, as this site is leaving space on the right.

I will check back in about a month to see if this has improved, but for now this site is simply unusable.

And the most problematic is the missing content. This should have all been done in a duplicate of the forum, then shut it down for a day and migrate the content across. Fiddling around with the design live is horrible.

My 2 cents…

Udpate: Just read some posts about the issues of migration. Not an easy job with scattered content over multiple databases. I hope you can fix everything up and get this site looking and behaving well again. Good luck!