"This B**tards Life"


Some of my friends and I have choosen to make a film for our freshman highschool “performance” (it’s a “English through the Arts” class).

After reviewing many ideas, we’ve decided on a typical day at school, with a few great twists.

Here’s a brief overview.

I wake up in the morning, and my alarm goes off, and while I stumble around for the off button, a very attractive women/female casually pushed the button and says " now you go back to bed"

My buddies waiting outside for me and he checks his watch, then just drives away.

I come into school late.

Later in the day, when english comes, a friend of mine will pull out a remote from his bag, and “mute” the teacher, and then put the sound on SAP, and she will start speaking spanish.

After the first class, a kid will come up to me and says “oh, I’ve got your homework done… with chapter summaries and everything” I’ll be like “ok, here you go” and toss a quarter down the hall. He’ll run after it and run right into a trashcan, knocking it over in the process.

During band, the band director will say, “sectionals today, trumpets (me & friends) you’re playing Lowrider, low brass you’re doing breathing exorcises all period, and winds, you’re on route23” (for this scene we will put some cg cars on a street with some animated ragdolls, and have them get hit)

At lunch, when I usualy come out of the band halway, to find a bustleing cafiteria, there will instead be a resteraunt, where some friends and I will go and eat. (we’ll use after effects and impose a resteraunt scene over the lunch room)

So yeah, we’ll throw in some more quirks here and there, and if you guys have anything to suggest let me know. Comments and questions are welcome.




I’ll leave these open because I just have the beginnings in my mind - I hope they start something.

-stairs that don’t seem to end, going to (…)
-doors. You try several that should open, get frustrated when they don’t, then one opens and (…)
-a silent crowd (zombies?) that watches you (doing what and where? maybe just in the stair scene)
-teacher strikes back, breathing fire, blowing a loudmouth into a cinder
-teacher hands out a calculus for each student. Turns out they are not even ordinary calculuses (what’s the plural - is it calculi?), but the beads change color when you are about to get something done.
-a trapdoor opens in the ceiling. A fugitive jumps down and starts convincing you the world is round (or whatever)

Aren’t these things just typical to a school day? They used to be years ago, when I went to school.


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