Thirty Seconds Over Huangshan, Lito Nicolai (3D)


Title: Thirty Seconds Over Huangshan
Name: Lito Nicolai
Country: USA
Software: CINEMA 4D, Photoshop, Vue, Wings3D

This a personal work- I was trying to get a cinematic feel to the render. I really tried model a shape that said “UFO!” from across the room.
The terrain and low clouds are from Vue 6, the rest in Wings 3d, Cinema 4D and Photoshop. No photographic elements, except for a tile for the terrain texture. Lighting was matched by rendering out an HDR map from Vue to use in Cinema 4D.



This looks good, but the motion blur on the front of the UFO seems to outpace the smoke discharge out the back to a very high degree.



I agree. Very good image, but that motion blur needs some work. Looks to have been done in post. I would tone it down quite a bit and blur the whole ship. Right now it looks like its going to split apart because one part is moving faster than the other.

Terrain looks very good as well. Great job! keep it up!


Beautiful work. Ship looks great, love the motion blur and smoke effects!
Nice terrain & landscape work. The POV really works well here, nice angle on the scene.


You all are absolutely right- the motion blur doesn’t fit the image. Actually, this was my first exploration of ‘real’ motion blur using animation and Cinema 4D’s tools rather than doing it custom (and probably better) in post. I think the ‘outpacing’ effect came due to the spin I put on the animation before I rendered- the outside has a higher velocity than the inside.

Taking your advice, I rendered out a preview of the UFO with just the one-directional component of the animation. I’m a bit torn- it does look more real in the sense that this is what you might see in the still frame of a video, but so much detail is lost from the UFO that I can’t say I’m thrilled with it. You’ll have to tell me what you think.


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