Thinking Particles


Hi guys
There is any idea to sim bullet impact with splash & break element like shooting chopper machine gun ?


It’s an old file. This might help if this is what you were asking for.
Its not as organized considering its an RnD.


Wooow many thx Rasputin Lagasca , it’s very helpful :keenly:


So here’s an odd one, I have no idea how I ended up doing this, but it’s annoying the hell out of me.

When I right click in the interface to create new nodes, usually the categories and sub categories of nodes pop out from the right of the menu when you hover.

For some reason my flyouts started coming out of the left side of the right click menu.

Can’t find info on this setting in the help, anyone have an idea how I can get it back to the right side?

It’s not a crippling problem, just a mild annoyance :slight_smile:


Hey guys, I have a question about TP ropes and joints.

I’m trying to destroy a bridge and so far I manage to do all the fragmentation and SC joints with TP but now I have to attach some cables to it. I was able to generate the ropes with BT from the white particles to the green particle but I have to generate them to the surface of the object below (as indicated by the purple boxes in the picture), but all of the structure below is collapsed to just one object. The ropes be attached to both up and down objects so the sim will work and the cables will break when the bridge falls down. I’ve tried with BT and SC joints, matterwaves, creating new particles with Intersect, but so far no luck. I’ve watched Allan Mckay and Hristo tutorials but still can’t manage to do it. Does anybody have any idea of how I could do it?

Thanks everybody!

Gustavo Wobeto


Hi all, I have to do an effect where there are lots of atoms in the air, and then some kind of attractor force bring them to the center, until that is quite easy, the thing is getting harder when all the particles have to separate again, and then form another molecules, Im letting a picture, maybe anyone can help me :frowning:


Maybe your mouse pointer is too close too the right side of the screen.


I messed with it for an hour, but didn’t get the proper results
No gravity yet. It gets attracted then turns off. Immediately gravity turns so you can see the SC joints working.

I got the SC set-up from Joe Scarr. In the SC set up, the "InGroup nodes, I set up only “balls 1” and “balls 3” group to combine only when they collide.

Play with it, and you get the results you want.


Hy.All. I have a situation where I need to distribute particle along spline. so far I have done it. but when I get multiple path in spline path. particle jumps to second spline. My question is how can I distribute on both of them…

Any help would be appreciated…


Hi, I am trying to connect target particles with dots (one target connected to only one another target). Everything works, if Im connecting random targets: []( But when I try to connect it by distance, targeting only the nearest particles, it doesnt works. I cant use Nearest PID in PSearch, because it will stop at first target - it is always the nearest, deleting it or sending to another group doesnt works- PSearch still can find it.
Propably I need another iterator, but where?
Setups attached(3DS 2014, TP


Hi all, is it possible to render motion blur out of surface attached particles, the surface is moving, but the particles are not getting any motion blur, thanks :slight_smile:


Hy All,

Anyone got answer of how to apply particles on multiple spline attached.


I´m pretty new to thinking particles and was wondering how to fade the spline thickness and opacity over time? Basically I have a position born emitting particles and splinepool creating splines out of particles.


Got it working with Drop1 included operator Curve2d.


Are you for real or are you just being a stupid idiot?
This is a official and professional CG forum, not a forum where you ask illegal things about software.
My suggestion to you is to head over to cebas site and pay for what you are using, after that, the installation of tP will be easy!


I am astounded by the fact the people are getting so used to stealing IP off the internet that they are beginning to think that it is normal. The thought of actually paying for something doesn’t even cross their mind. I don’t think he/she is an idiot, I am not sure he/she knows any better.


No, maybe he/she isn’t an idiot, but it is idiotic to post something like this on a forum like this.


I´m having problems using the PathFollow Node in tp6. I want particles to follow a spline path using the PathFollow operator.
To test this I created a “position born” operator and connected the particle output of the PostionBorn to the particle input of the PathFollow Node.
Then I picked the spline but the particles don´t follow the path at all, they are just moving in a straight line from the first vertex of the spline.
It´s the same behaviour when I use geometry and select an edge loop.
Am I doing something wrong?

Any help would be apreciated.

Thanks in advance!



Of which I completely agree :wink: Which is what I was eluding too in my previous post.


Hi guys, I’m just a few days into TP, and hit on a problem, hope there’s an easy fix.

   Basically I followed this tutorial by Division of 8:
   I have 2 Born dynamic sets , one for each plane, the plexus effect is generated between the planes
   I've applied a bend modifier and animated the gizmo to curl the top plane up:

   This all works fine when dragging the gizmo manually, but as soon as I add any animation keys to the gizmo , the particles no longer stay on the surface

   So do I get the particles to stick to the surface ?

All my experiments with surface follow etc have failed, can anyone suggest an easy fix for a TP noob ?

   TP 5 with Max 2014 btw.



According to manual removing connections is done by shift + left click. However when I do this I get panning screen…

I’m running max2016 and TP 6.2