Thinking Particles


I see now that I did not think that way. Thank you.
I am troubled by always their alignment.

For example.
I failed Alignment by Path Position node.
I want to match the Y direction to circle center .


I want to pattach particle A, which is orbit around Particle B, to Particle B, which is spinning.
So the orbit should be relative to the spinning. Nothing i tried does work.
Could someone tell me how to do this?


Hello Notchmen, hope I can help. :slight_smile:



Thanks for your quick reply.

Ok, That’s a good idea.
But the X-direction can not along the line.
That’s difficult, isn’t it .I need to think more.

I resolved that problem.↓↓↓

Further, to movement along the line is added thereto.


dont pattach, orbit has something like “fixed” position, easiest way is just connect particle B position to particle A orbit position

something like that:


i dont know whats the problem here, but funny is if you disable ‘Align’ and ‘roll’ dynamic sets you get the same resaults as when these are on :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

and about the aligment and “flipping” of particles, its called gimbal lock i belive, one of the basic limtations of 3d transformations



Please pay attention to the particle Y-direction when these are off.
I wanted to turn a center direction the Y-direction as well.:slight_smile:


Hello all!

This is probably a VERY simple task to accomplish, but I’m lost!

Using MatterWaves, I’ve populated the surfaces of a cube with 60 teapots. There’s no motion, this is just going to be a still image, but I want to keep it procedural because, well, placing 60+ items on anything by hand just seems like a very inefficient way to do things!

What I need to do is keep the teapot instances from intersecting at birth.

This is probably really easy and right under my nose but I just can’t see it!
Any tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

BTW Hristo if you’re around your DVDs are fantastic! The day we ordered TP in the office we also ordered both of your DVDs!


Glad you like them :slight_smile: To avoid interpenetrating - in the ‘emitter’ rollout, enable the ‘coordinates’ option, then dial whatever you need in the u and v sliders, this will give you the voxel distribution, then you can add some random from the sliders to break it up. The ‘show’ checkbox will give you the distribution display, which is handy :slight_smile:


Ha! I knew I was missing something simple!

Like so many people on this forum, I owe you at least a beer!
If you ever make it out to California, the first round is on me! :beer:



Can’t be too long then :slight_smile:


Hi everyone, I know is a dumb question, but is there any way to emit particles from a point, and then give them some random horizontal velocity like in Pflow? I need to emit particles and create some kind of disc shape of particles for a dust wave. Thanks :slight_smile:


TP5, Max14 :slight_smile:

Positionborn on a point with distance. Take the position, multiply the Z by zero and overwrite it. Then assign velocity by distance from the particle to the point.


Thanks Hristo :slight_smile:


hy guys. I new to tp. and I m still learning it. I used bringto node to bring my particles to sphere. and I want to align my particle to sphere as well. somehow I got success but now my particles get abrupt rotation and then follow the sphere. any idea would be appreciated…


You can pick up a random surface point on the sphere with the GeomPoint node, and then use its output to drive a BringTo. It produces both the target position and alignment.


Hristro… If U r to me… I am using tp 4.0


hy guys I want to scale particles by texture map… since I m new to tp. I tried it but its not working. any idea would be appreciated…


Hristro… If your answer is to me. I m using tp4.0


Hello dunya101 :slight_smile:

Here I don’t have tp4, if you want an example you have to wait till tomorrow evening but its quite easy, Delete all.

Use Operator/Generator/MatterWaves.
In the node you will see an entry for textureMaps in the Size tab.
Just try and play, MatterWaves could help you to achieve what are you loking for.

Cheers :thumbsup: