Thinking Particles


Making popcorn and getting ready to sit down with the new Eat3d DVD from Hristo. :beer:


Damn you beat me to it :smiley: Anyways:

Finally! Enjoy! I plan to finish part 2 soon so it should be released by the end of July!


Excellent work, I highly recommend it. :beer:
Looking forward to part 2!


Finally!Finally!.. :smiley: …contrats mate, darn I was starting to wonder, funny I just got into TP a short time ago, really short time. I could not fine many good tuts, now I’m overwelmed. I will be making a large pot of java to go with this. Thanks Hristo :buttrock:

Lets get with it CGTALK where is our sticky for TP???


Good stuff Hristo :beer:
Just finished watching the DVD

Really helped improve my understanding of normalizing values, Enjoyed your techniques.

I hope the 2nd DVD is chalk full of all the new TP4 Fragmenting and volumbreaker nodes :wink:


Lots of that, and a lot more :slight_smile: Cheers guys!


hehe, good news! cant wait man.

Just playing with the new volumebreak node right now :buttrock:
Doing some Re-Fragmenting with it…goodtimes.
The new SC seem faster , any of ya 2012 guys have any tips for all the new joint stuff?


Too many :slight_smile: We’ve been doing very interesting stuff with the joints, there will be a lot about them on the DVD :wink:



Your DVD looks awesome! (from the screenshots) Could I ask if any of it can be followed using TP3, if yes i shall be buying it as I have tried to learn TP but there isn’t much material out there :slight_smile:



You definitely can. It’s usually mentioned when a feature is new from TP4, and most of the new features are covered in the 2nd DVD. So - no problem :slight_smile:


Good good!

I have just bought it :slight_smile:


Hey just a quick question about TP 3 SP2.

I have just noticed that whenever I do anything in TP it is only ever using one cpu thread. It is the 64bit version runnin on max 2010 64bit. Is there anywhere to define the amount of threads?



It’s single threaded, hence the fact that you only see one thread.


Ah thats a shame


I should’ve noted, that there are some multithreaded features of TP4, such as the new shape collision, and volume breaker.


Thanks for the info SoLiTuDe :slight_smile:

Could I ask if anyone has used the collision map node? I followed the tutorial over at and that worked fine. I was wondering if TP struggled with a large amount of fragments to register on the ground plane acting as the point of collision, have any of you guys used, for example, 400+ fragments hitting the ground?

I have tried using between 400-600 fragments and max just hangs there (it does not crash) forever stuck on 0% and 0% CPU usage also. Any thoughts? :slight_smile:



Have you tried your scene with the collmaps node’s default setting first?
How many frames is your animation?
Are you redrawing views?
do you have have sub sampling on in the collmap?

I’ve found map sizes above 500x500 can dramaticly start to slow down, 256x256 work good for most situations.


I initially changed the map size to 512 but I have put it back to 256. There are 200 frames @ 25fps. I have left redraw views off as I am not sure what that does and the manual doesn’t give any explanation.

Image of settings here

Just given it ago and does the same thing :S might have to just try less fragments as 100 appear to work but that obviously wont cover all the collisions that are happening.



redraw views just means that max will play the animation in the view port, which bogarts system resources.

So is the First Box the ground surface? no name;)

hmm hard to say with out looking at you scene.
What are your computer specs?
If you can, post/pm a file


Hello again, cheers for the reply. System specs are:

Windows 7 64x
i7 920 @ 3.8ghz
6gig 1600mhz DDR3
GTX 260 800meg or so

Hereis a link to the scene file if you want to have a look :slight_smile: It is a really simple scene.

Just a ground plane that I have now named collision plane for better understanding which is at the top of the list. It is Max 2010 and TP3 x64.


edit I should point out that I did apply a UVW to the plane and made it planar then fit and assign ID 1 to all polygons and then collapsed. I also converted all the fragments to editable poly but everytime you open the scene it re-applies the physx modifier to them. Not sure if that is going to make a difference.