Thinking Particles


Thinking Particles is a rule based particle system for 3DS Max

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[/ul]HOW TO:
Pre Breaking -Volume Breaking and Nested Caching
By: Christian Zurcher

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Cmon, where’s the sticky? You can also add - they are gonna publish the first DVD (set) on TP!


Can we get a release date for that dvd??? the teasers up in your website are awesome and I want that dvd NOW!!! C’mon man, give us an expected date… is inhumane to keep us waiting…


first DVD b[/b] on TP!

that’s awesome…
I’ll post the eat3D link as soon as it’s live. :thumbsup:

I’ve PMed a forum leader for a sticky


Unfortunately, there are circumstances beyond my control that have part in that decision, so you’ll need to wait for now :slight_smile: Not for long, I think!


Any update on the Thinking Particles training?



Also looking forward to the dvd,

I also wouldnt complain if Andrew got his but in gear and got his site back up and running.


You can trust me on giving a release date as soon as I can :slight_smile: Just have patience a little bit longer :slight_smile:


Just out of curiosity, is there any new features in TP4 going to be on the dvds?
(not sure if your on the beta testing or not)


Can’t really say, but… just think about it! :slight_smile:


Can’t really say, but… just think about it!




Ok I hit a bit of a snag…I want to have a shot of a cup or something with maybe 4 or 5 different streams swirling into the top of the cup.The bottom right brown screen grab,is my camera in the pic.

As the particles get close they start tightening up and tapering as a whole.I’ve set it up right now with a surfaceFollow (for the fan shape plane) and a follow node(Dummy path constraint to spline) to guild my particle down the “slide”.

The problem is that once the particle hit the edge of the surface they bunch up. Now Ive tried a few things tp get rid of this:

1.I’ve birthed particles along the edges as deflectors and made a the repulsion bounce the passing ones, As a result made my particles move weird at the ends

2.I made an actual tube that’s been shaped just like my plan has( so their is no actual side to bunch up at), but my particle start moving sideways, as I’m trying to flow them in consistently downward in to the cup…

What I would Ideally like to set up is a way for my particle to proceed along a path following a dummy and have control over how far away they are from the path, So I can taper them over their life.

Any Ideas? or better ways



Just wanted to say that Mihai Panait added some more tutorials :smiley: since i started this thread

[/color]Thinking Particles Dust from Collision Map
Thinking Particles Expression Helper
Thinking Particles Ground Cracking TD
Volume Breaker: Fragmenting Hollow Mesh

[font=Arial Black][size=3][color=YellowGreen]LINK TO VIDEOS



Nice, added the RSS :slight_smile: Did you solve that other problem you were having?


Hay Hristo ,
I actually had to do a dirty hack for the shot in end…not to happy with it…:hmm:

but at the time I tried to take one of captainReds tube flow scene and make rays be shot out from all sides. but that was a bit advanced for me as i tried to do it with vectors rather than the scalar Z value.

Ideally i just want the particles to follow a dummy on a path and attract or push from the dummy’s position over time. Any ideas?:shrug:


Following the dummy is done with the follow node, and attraction/repulsion you can do with a force node. You can animate, connect, whatever.


Can you elaborate please?
sorry but just saying use the follow node and force node doesn’t help me at all. Unless im missing something really simple in front of me, this set up has to be a lot more involved.

The particle are moving along a spline, with a ruffly set volume based on the surface emitters size. As the particle travel through out the spline the particles position get closer to the spline while still retaing the shape of the spline. Just as if you put a cylinder sweep and taper to the spline, the particles should retain that same volume.

I attached a max file showing what the volume should resemble, along with the a ruff system that is following a dummy on a spine with bubble motion,as i want the particle to have abit of turbulence.

The place where I am stuck is that the particles are artacting to where the dummy is not was.

Am I missing something here?



Run some guide particles along the spline. Spawn the other particles around them, make them follow their guide (with referencing), and apply some force, at the position of the guide - it will attract to it.


added the Cebas YouTube Tutorials link