Thinking Particle's 3.0 Tutorials


Hey guys,

Ive been making TP tutorials for work

thought Id share them


Disclaimer: Occasional profanity in videos. :smiley:

Good job on the tuts Andrew, I wouldn’t know 1/2 of what I know about TP without ya! Sorry if I interrupted at all! :smiley:


very nice!

perhaps a lil overly complex, but im not so sure how I would simplify, so hey.

clever stuff creating the noise curve then remapping to the target objects.


Cool, thanks, bring um on:bounce:

Click…F**K is allowed:D


Great Dudes!!! Keep em coming! Still have a huge lack of TP knownledge!!!


thanks guys, if you have any suggestions on how to improve communication let me know.

this stuff is alot of fun



Super cool! TP tuts - never too much! I think of making one about PPassAB for example, that would be useful. Keep 'em coming dude!


Yeah dude, great stuff, thanks a million.
I like the colorful language :smiley:


Thanks guys,

yea im uploading a video for ppassab its pretty rough, im doing it when i feel like a sack of smashed shit. but hopefuklly it gets the idea across…

im gonna be adding videos hoepfully every week


added an refrence tutorial. Just basics.

its uploading right now it will be done in about a hour.



Uploaded the majority of the videos on my site, uhg took all day.


thank you very much!:beer:


no problem dude,


Hey Andrew, quick question, kinda unrelated to thread…
I was wondering what kinda crowd systems (if any), you guys use over there.
I’m starting to work on a massive project which will require large numbers of background crowd. Initially I created a basic system using PFlow, it works pretty well, but dont have much control when it comes to inter-particle interaction/avoidance. I decided to start a new setup using TP, as I hope this will give me a lot more control. I have just started learning TP so any clues are most welcome.

Would like to hear any ideas/thoughts/sugestions from you guys.




I’d start with the TP help file and example scenes - there is some crowd behavior there, and the TP3 forum will be helpful too.


Yep did both, started with the help scenes n got some help CGFluids. Certainlly the best resources for the TP learner :wink:

Just wondering if TP or other were used in some of the wikid Blur cinematics, or any Max users, to create crowds, and if so what the pipeline is.


we dont do heavy crowd stuff, when we do, its videos mapped on cards :smiley:

i do want to get into the tp crowd shit tho, thats my next research project.

I hear tp final render does some really powerful crowd stuff


Dude thats a ton of stuff you’ve got, your tuts must have had babies since I saw it last week. Your gunna need more bandwidth :p:D drop in a paypal account and I’ll chip you some dough for more gigabytes.


I built these up over about 3 weeks of down time,
I have 5000 GB transfer, Im hopeing thats a month. and not a year, im over 400 GB so far i think.

I started this thread here so if people have ideas that they want to see they can ask, I think I’m running low on shit to show. Gonna go over some that are more artistic and start to add some fume ones. Maybe some workflow ones.



Workflow is always good :slight_smile: Was looking at the schematic you built up, pretty interesting.