THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX: How to tie in the MAIN CGTALK forum to the CGPortfolio


So far I ahve been loving hte Cg portfolio, but I have been wondering if there was a
more efficient way to tie it with the main CGTALK forum.

It would be cool if there was a creative way to tie in the blog, and the Gallery entries with the “Mothership IE: CGTALK”.

How would you guys do it?

Looking ofrward to your ideas.



i think the obvious thing is going to be to put the link of the CGportfolio together with the other links on top .
meaning the " home , Features, Store , Workshops, Gallery, Events" bar

The other thing that came to mind is to put a link under the Avatar and the personal settings that everyone has when u see a reply on a topic in the forum . So u can directly link the portfolio and use your signature for something else than summerizing the work u have done .


Something like the attachment i made. just a thought anyway


That’s a pretty good idea Agamemnwn!


When we turn on portfolio, there’s be a link at the top of the page;

I’ve been toying with the idea of making the portfolio linked from a user’s name in posts (it does mean bringing some functionality from the page that’s currently there to portfolio)


like enhancing the drop down menu on the username anton to put the portfolio adress as well?

EDIT: I think the drop down menu on the username has already too many things, besides it would be nice to have a direct link to the portfolio . thats the point i think too provide easy access to the portfolio of an artist so i think a more visuable link would be preferred by many.


Being able to take a thread post and use it as the basis of a blog post might be nice. Just a little checkbox above “submit reply” saying “blog this” – which would take you to a blog entry form, fill it out, and let you edit it into nice bloggery. Maybe link it to the post, too.


I don’t think you should be able to add yourself to your own favorites! Even though I did that :smiley:

Definately though an easy way to get to someones portfolio, like what Agamemnwn said.

Also it would be nice, in your portfolio, for someone to comment on a specific piece… As in have a comments section that would come with each work submitted, so that everyone doesn’t have to always write in the guestbook :slight_smile:


you’ll notice on some art there is a “xxx Comments on CGTalk” link - so at the moment we’re just hooking into CGTalk for the comment system, this is however only for images that have been submitted into the CGTalk gallery and been accepted.

As it stands, we have several types of comments in portfolio - blogs, guest books, and gallery posts, there isn’t a lot of uniformity to them, or the way they work. One of my side projects is to build a uniform way to maintain posts, so that every post can have it’s own comments thread. This would mean that all images would have comments built into them, and you could comment on blog entries, or even comment on comments. It should offer a lot more flexibility.

I’ve also been thinking of building some easy hotlinking into the bbcode - so that you can easily link to other people’s artwork and portfolios within posts.


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