Think Pink, Werner Ziemerink (3D)


wow… niiiiiice. 5 stars… you have to be happy with that!!!


I think it is perfect! Some day I will do something like that… :slight_smile:
5 stars


She’s gorgeous! :thumbsup:


Beautiful work Werner :thumbsup:



The only thing I could crit is the hand that is not as good as the face.
Anyway nice work! :slight_smile:


The only thing I could crit is the hand that is not as good as the face.
Anyway nice work!
He’s right… you put some variations on the face texture, but you left the hand skin and the shoulder totally uniform. U could make some wrinkles on the fingers and some other beauty spot.


Very nice render and textures! Sexy girl man :thumbsup:


excellentstyle and good color atmosphere ! !

hummm ! yes i like ! !good job man :slight_smile:


it is simplly FULLON…
i like her eyes, lips, … awesome work dude. :buttrock::buttrock::buttrock:


i think the overall image is pretty cool, but i really like the eye texture the most.
COOL COOL COOL…:buttrock:


WOOOOW good lighting!! cool model.



Hey werner excelent work.
The new config of the forum is kind of anoying, every time i want to find something good i have to dig to the last pages, and it takes far too much time for these works t get to the front page, this is your case i believe, great work.


This rocks man…this should get an award :applause:


nice work, well done! :thumbsup:


thank you all for the great replies! I really apreciate it. :slight_smile:

here is a quick screen cap of wires.


Said it once, and I’ll say it twice:

I normally pass by all the 3d babes because they all look, and specially feel the same to me.
This piece from yours really shows personality, without showing a hot body.
I like the how the eyebrows look like (kind of painted) and the eyes a lot.
I like the fact that the nose is different from the normal 3d perfect babe.
It gives more personality to the girl.

Really nice job!
BRAVO! :thumbsup:


Hey Werner,

Let me say this:


the chicks are unbelieveble. i just love the way they look.

too bad you don’t have a web page with a gallery. do you also draw them before you start modelin? or do you use a model?

too bad your images are not so very easy to find on the web man.

anyway, looks awesome.



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