Think Pink, Werner Ziemerink (3D)


Title: Think Pink
Name: Werner Ziemerink
Country: South Africa
Software: LightWave 3D

This image was called “Think Pink” to portray to the beauty and softness of some woman out there. I was inspired to do this because of a moment I had in a bank, gazing into the eyes of a young, beautiful girl. She was very stylishly dressed in a pink outfit, and it made me realize the differences between men and some woman. I suppose that is why we fall in love with them. I was completely blown away by this girl and don’t think I will ever get her image out of my head. I hope you like it! Thanks.


Wow, Cool pic!

Very sexy chick :smiley: , I like colors and everything!
*****I say!


Awesome job! I really like the color scheme.


Really great job! the only thing that catch my attention are the polygonal shape in some parts of the hair and the eyebrows looking like they were tinted red.


Great work, especially the eyes :slight_smile: 5 star work!


Fantastic, you work is amazing and i like your image explanation…i also had that kind of expereince and maybe i’ll do a famale portrait of it :thumbsup: (by the way she had pink hair).
No crits, 5 stars from me :applause:


Great color scheme. A job very well done!



yep, its a 5* from me too:thumbsup:


That is fantastic, really like the colour and depth of her, she is beautiful yet mysterious. Great work! :thumbsup:


omg , unreal work man:eek:


GREATNESS…thats some sexy girl. Very nicely done. No crits other than the hair (some polygons show as mentioned before)

keep it coming



Very sexy chick Man!, so appealing…5 Stars! :buttrock:


this rocks man
like the story behind it too



definately nice, I really love it~


Lovely work. Very soft. I like your choice of colours.

YUM!! :drool:



this is very nice style, she is very pretty, maybe more realistic hair#?


The best part of this is the look in her eyes. Even in the thumbnail it really grabs your attention. Excellent work! :thumbsup:


dude, immense work - great stuff :thumbsup:

any chance of a wire? :slight_smile:


Come on, man.

If the girl at the bank captured your heart this much, go and ask for a date.
Good luck! And show us the “progress”


Great work :thumbsup: