Things every animator should know - Video


Happy animation day! I originally made a short video about quaternion rotations, but then it got a little out of hand and the next thing you know, bam!, you’ve got an entire 5 hour animation course recorded. So, here we go with the free video, quaternion rotations, a simple harmless little checkbox, but one which when explained can save your sanity. You know how sometimes objects wobble around badly when you rotate them? well yeah, it fixes that, have a watch here.


If you like this one, consider grabbing the whole lot. Good for anyone that has never animated a thing in their life, good for professionals who want to know about all the cool buttons they’re probably missing.
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Great stuff! really well and simply explained, thanks!


This is an unofficial beta of C4D release 19.068
There are many improvements?


It checks how close you are to finishing your project, then corrupts the scene file. All this whilst playing a gif of Ned from Jurassic park saying “Uh uh uh, you didn’t say the magic word”


Great stuff Matthew


I end of knew it, but your explanation was excellent fella…


Thanks. More about the math behind quaternions: