Thing, Chris Wahl (3D)


Title: Thing
Name: Chris Wahl
Country: Australia
Software: Photoshop, ZBrush

This is the THING from the comic book, The Fantastic Four.

My aim was to try and show the humanity behind the monster’s facade. He’s someone you don’t want to mess with, but at the same time he can be a gentle giant when the need arises.

Any crits or comments are welcome.


oooh! intrsting one! model looks g8!
u shud hav concentrated more on texturing…
nice work!!! :thumbsup:


Dude the texturing looks gr8… i dont understand what the hell is karthik talking about… nice modelling too, keep up the good work…


i think the texture looks great, nice model!


I think the post above must be looking at a different image ?!?!? The textures look ace, especially the eyes. He may be just a tad too shiny but otherwise amazing work !


AS a devoted marvel comic fan, I give this one 2 thumbs up! Textures, design, everything look good. I like it. Should do a full body shot


Great piece of work. I realy like those eyes, realistic, but still has that comic look on it. Very good job :thumbsup:


i personally feel that texturing might hav done even more detailed… it doesnt mean that what now is no good… i really like what it is now…


I always liked this character.

It looks great but I would have like to see more of him.


I like it!!!
nice work…i like the cracks :wink:


That is the mighty thing in all his glory. My crit would be I want to see more- which is probably a good thing… no pun intended. Good job



holy smoke, this amazing! everything looks great. wish to see more works from you.


I really like it.
Maybe the skin is too shinny for rock, but that’s ok, it’s “the thing”, not rock-man


great work man ,4 stars:thumbsup:


very fine work…a lot of presence of the character, and the subtetly of the comic’s drawing is keeped perfectly!.. I think it’s a very good picture!


I agree with the others, it’s cool! :thumbsup:


Thankyou everyone for your comments.

k4k- I agree with you about the texturing. Some of the smaller cracks are fairly weak and even pixelated in some areas, so it’s one thing I’ll consider revisiting to fix up. With an extreme closeup such as this, I should have given extra attention to the small details.

robot jam, Landru24- Originally the skin was more matt, but to make it ‘pop’ I adjusted the contrast and colours a fair bit. I might try merging the two versions to find a happy medium.

Thanks again. Keep the comments coming.

…and remember kids, if you smoke too many cigars, your face will end up like that. :wink:


I am an ENORMOUS comic geek, so I always get a little wary when people model my fav heroes…
This, right here, though, is freakin’ perfect. Absolutely perfect.
I love it way way much.
I’d love to see more work from ya.

-The ReBooted One


The iris texture looks great, but you used it for both eyes. Flipping one iris vertically and horizontally will let you use the same texture while making it less noticable.


RebootedOne- I’m glad I did the character justice.

snv1492- That’s a handy tip. Thanks!